orgaMAX Business Software

orgaMAX Business Software

Of the orgaMAX Business Software Download reaches users based on an SQL database in coping with a series of operations in the office everyday life under the arms. The shareware organizes among other stocks and takes care of managing contact information.

orgaMAX business software download for quotes and invoices

Addresses and telephone numbers of customers and suppliers find orgaMAX business software as well as examples quotations, invoices and any applicable warnings. In addition, the shareware provides a scheduler including memory function. Conveniently, all modules of the management tools of a program window can be reached. A cumbersome clicking through nested menus eliminated. Important dates and overdue bills presented orgaMAX business software in the main window as well as Top 10 tables with customers and selling products. A small diagram shows the actual sales performance.

For their increase orgaMAX Business Software includes tools for creating form letters on paper or by email. An interface to online banking as well as electronic tax forms are integrated in the program. Rounding out the functions of orgaMAX business software through various graphical overviews of revenues, expenses, income and other relevant financial information. These diagrams sent the shareware on request directly via email or fax. For archiving or further processing the administrator exports the images and data in PDF or Excel file.

orgaMAX Business Software Download

Limitations of orgaMAX Business Software

30 day trial. Some modules must be enabled for testing purposes.

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