WiZiWiG brings Live Streams current football matches and other sports in the browser. The free Web app works as a sort of online program guide and provides links to live streams in the formats Adobe Flash Player and SopCast.

The WiZiWiG Download covers almost all sports

The areas covered by WiZiWiG sports are manifold. In addition to international football, these are motor sports, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, cycling, boxing, golf and many more. In this country, relatively unknown sports such as American football, baseball, cricket or rugby, which are rarely broadcast on German television, come into their own. Of the WiZiWiG download presents not only links to live streams from the NBA and college NCAA basketball, but also the baseball games of the MLB, Football leagues in the NFL, CFL and AFL and the hockey games of the NHL.

WiZiWiG download

Good overview of upcoming football games

has something to say, and remains, of course, football. Here are the Live Stream entries sorted by date, so that football fans can keep track. The Web App WiZiWiG refers to streaming sites that offer to currently pending sportllichen encounters picture and sound. It may be, or at football matches to national leagues like the Bundesliga to international competitions like the Champions League or a soccer World Cup.

WiZiWiG download football

Flash or SopCast must be installed

WiZiWiG walk in the footsteps of the popular web service Myp2p. As a focal point for live streams in football & Co. makes the Web app a good figure. The streams run in the browser and set a current version of Adobe Flash Player or SopCast installed on the machine. Other reception possibilities on AceStream and VLC media player.

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WiZiWiG Download transmission

WiZiWiG offers a good choice of countless live streams

With the Web App WiZiWiG sports enthusiasts PC users from countless live streams select interesting Football games, tennis matches from Wimbledon, stages of the Tour de France and other sporting events out. The streams can be called one hour before the start of transmission. In the corresponding forum Sportfreunde received willingly informed about future live streams. You may be WiZiWiG community including detail on P2P technology, discuss any reception problems and alternative live streaming solutions.

WiZiWiG download football