The most common WhatsApp errors and how to fix

The most common WhatsApp errors and how to fix

WhatsApp error & their solutions. So easy you get the messenger back up and running and able to continue his conversation. read here how to correct the problem and further texts!

After downloading WhatsApp for Android or iOS, it can not be delivered happen that messages are not sent or messages. Then one should resort to these steps:

WhatsApp fix errors with these tricks

Before we get to the actual errors, should be examined first whether the “news blackout” is not due to a connection problem or the service is unavailable for a short time. Whether any faults are present, you can bring in experience under the Help menu item and the System Status option.

WhatsApp error

Alternatively, collects and publishes this website disorders of the service of the last 24 hours.

If a problem with the Internet connection, users can take the following steps:

  1. Start new phone
  2. Check flight mode on and off, if necessary
  3. Enable data usage
  4. Check wireless connection and possibly reconnect
  5. abolish restrictions on data usage

Error codes 413, 481, 491, 492, 921, 927, 941

WhatsApp error with these codes can be solved by the following steps:

  1. Remove Google Account in the settings under the option accounts
  2. Restart the device
  3. Add Google Account again
  4. Cache under the option delete data in the settings of the Google Play store empty
  5. Download the app again

Error codes 101, 498, 919 or the error message Not enough space

Here, the memory of the smartphone is just too packed and has to be cleared out. About one GB of free space should be available on the device. To clean up times, there are these options:

  • The cache under the path: Settings; Apps; Google Play store; Clear cache; empty delete data
  • move data and applications on an external SD card
  • Erase Data and Apps

WhatsApp is not compatible with the device or WhatsApp is not available in this country

On some devices, WhatsApp does not work. Then the above link that leads to download the APK help. To install them, must be allowed to install software from unknown or unauthorized sources in the system setting in advance. After that, the service can be used with a trick even without mobile phone number. As? In the article: chat via WhatsApp without a SIM card? That’s how it’s done! we give it away!

For error codes 403, 495, 504, 911, 920, 923, RPC or error messages Invalid package file, download or installation is not successful

It should be checked first if enough space on the device is available. As a benchmark, a GB applies. Following WhatsApp need to be reinstalled (see the previous two points).

For more tips and exciting features around the Messenger reveals the following video: