RU KfzKaufmann 2023

RU KfzKaufmann

Of the RU KfzKaufmann Download facilitates operators and employees of Garages their daily work. From accounting to warehouse and inventory management to interfaces to online article catalogs the shareware to the needs of the automotive craft presents adjusted.

RU KfzKaufmann download as a virtual workshop manager

This includes customer management, including reminders on overdue principal investigations and Co. This important dates neither Workshop still on the customer side forgotten, RU KfzKaufmann includes both a calendar with reminders and a merge module that selectively papery or electronic mail for the presents Dispatches. The warehousing department has timely enough, an interface to barcode scanners and also makes the creation of inventory lists for finger exercise. the workshop offers its customers storage room for accommodation not currently tucked tires, RU KfzKaufmann also ensures here for an overview.

RU KfzKaufmann Download

Missing parts avoids RU KfzKaufmann by connecting to the electronic parts catalogs repdoc, TecDoc, CENTRO digital and car parts Pilot Plus and ATRIS. Finally, the virtual workshop manager includes various insurance forms such as assignment statements, repair time confirmations and Co., which the wizard turns into a useful aid in their daily work – only the wrench you need to still fix itself.

Limitations of RU KfzKaufmann

The trial version adds Print add a demo Note.

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