The free CloneVDI is a graphical user interface for the command line tool VBoxManage.exe from SUN VirtualBox. In order for the Freeware operating correctly, VirtualBox must be installed on the computer.

CloneVDI download for convenient cloning images

CloneVDI removes a limitation in the so-called cloning disk images with VirtualBox. To create a second disk image from an existing, it can not simply be copied. It has to be Image with assigning a unique identifier to be created. This task is performed by the free CloneVDI. In addition, the freeware can create new disk images that can be integrated using the Disk Management as another hard drive, for example in the host system from Windows.

CloneVDI download

CloneVDI is controlled entirely by mouse

Of the CloneVDI download based on the original VBoxManage, but can be completely controlled by mouse from necessary inputs. The program is arranged quite clear. The VirtualBox field indicates the installation path, version, and the set disk folder. If the freeware VirtualBox does not find the installation path can be selected by the user.

Two options are available

In the source disks field the existing hard disk image can be seen, including the Stating the size and ID. In the target disk box displays the name for the virtual disk is displayed and offered two options to choose from. Either the disk image in the manager is registered for virtual media or split large parts in 2 gigabytes.

CloneVDI Download disk image

Selection of different virtual disk types with CloneVDI

The buttons "Open" and "to save" can be selected as source files or the name to be entered for the new image existing disk images. CloneVDI allows in both cases, the selection of different virtual disk types. Existing disk images will not be overwritten during cloning and creating. the button "cloning" start cloning the image and can only be selected if the source and destination hard disk are shown. The messages of the tools VBoxManage appear in the output field. the button "New" is selected only if a target disk indicated. Here specifying a source disk is not necessary and it is the size of the new hard disk requested. By default 10240 megabyte applies. Those looking for more free system utilities will find it in our extensive download offer. Helper when copying disk images The CloneVDI Download facilitates the copying of hard disk images with VirtualBox. Instead of having to laboriously clone Images from the command line, the user can make all the entries with the mouse in the graphical interface easily. CloneVDI is freeware and may be used free of charge - both for private as well as for commercial purposes.