Ghost for Chat

Ghost for Chat

With the Ghost for chat Download are easy to hide and disable the read receipt Last online time stamp and online status.

Chats and Messenger are comfortable to stay with God and the world with information – and completely free in many cases. However, as has nearly every medal a second site: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & Co. always tempt the weak-kneed again bravura pieces that remind difficult to stalking: Why were you at night still online? Why do not you answer, even though you have read my message yet? – questions that surely already had to grapple a variety of users. Who such – in a figurative and yet more than striking sense – wants to avoid embarrassing interrogations, now thanks to a plugin that opportunity. Ghost for chat works in combination with Facebook and Google Chrome.

Ghost for chat DownloadThe Ghost for chat Download verpricht simple protection of privacy on Facebook. Image: Ghost for chat.

Ghost for chat Download: Privacy on Facebook

By clicking Ghost for chat download User access the provider’s website where the plugin can be added with a few clicks on Google Chrome. on the taskbar, a small ghost that leads to the clever Tools menu appears in the terminal. Here users can adjust via sliders if they make their last online time stamp, and their online status invisible or want to disable the read receipt. It works within seconds and the settings can be changed any time by clicking. However: The tool is not free. After a free trial period, inclined users can choose between a monthly or annual subscription. The cost is doing to 1.99 USD (about 1, 80 euros) per month, or 19.99 USD (about 18 euros) a year.

disable online status manually

Those who opt for the Ghost for chat download to a paid subscription, but can its online status hidden directly in the Facebook settings. For this, the chat must only be opened and the small gear icon to select the top right afterwards. Now the Advanced chat settings must be called and a matching option be selected. You can choose from:

  1. Chat only disable certain friends …
  2. Disable chat for all friends except …
  3. Disable chat for all friends

Here can be set individually, who can see whether you are online or not. News of the persons for whom the chat has been disabled, simply reach your inbox and can be read later. The video explains again step by step how to proceed users to: