Rule the Rail

Of the Rule the Rail Download makes the PC gamers for model railroaders. In the simulation game of virtual platoon leader builds his very own miniature railway, including landscapes and buildings, which is then operated over by the model trains.

Rule the Rail Download with selection of ready systems

The small railway lines to set in Rule the Rail together in an isometric 3D view can be zoomed for better overview as well. Click by click arises from a green, rectangular area a mini world with apartment buildings, industrial buildings, plants and natural rails - which all just part of a model train them. A selection of ready-made routes facilitates homing to the operation of Rule the Rail.

If one has designed his small car to his wishes, the real fun begins: Trains are placed on the track and in motion. Switches, signals and railway tracks in various forms ensure that hardly a wish enthusiastic railway fans remains open ... By the way, a selection of ready plants for Rule the Rail also found in the download section, which illustrate the performance of the simulation.

Rule the Rail Download

Limitations of Rule the Rail

The freeware is functionally slightly restricted in comparison with the full version.