fix NFC read errors: So it'll work mostly!

fix NFC read errors: So it’ll work mostly!

When a NFC read error is reported, which can have various causes. We have the most common problems and how to solve them again at a glance for your perusal!

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and means something like near field communication. With the internationally functioning transmission standard data can be exchanged without contact over small slides Dancing (few centimeters). This allows, for example, paying via smartphone. For this, a smartphone with NFC chip and a matching payment is only required app such as after downloading the Android Pay app. But what can you do when NFC does not work or a connection is not possible?

NFC read errorNFC read errors are annoying, but can usually be solved with a few simple steps. (Picture: NFC Forum / Editorial)

NFC read error by third-party hardware or disruptive Accessories

Often, a Near Field connection not be established because hardware or accessories on strike prevents the data exchange. Often can interfere with the connection a spare battery third party or a particularly robust case. Therefore, the original battery The first thing (because they often feature the corresponding chip is) be used again and the smartphone will be taken out of the bag. Now connect without NFC reading error should be possible.

NFC has been activated? If the phone is in flight mode?

Particularly through the extensive Quick Access under current versions of Android it happens fast that the Near Field Communication disabled by mistake. This potential interference can be checked via the connections and rid the world quickly. Another source of error that you like now, is an active flight mode. Also can not connect via NFC namely. In this case, just the smartphone again transported back to the normal mode and attempting to connect via NFC.

Clear Cache the NFC app used

Occasionally an NFC read error is reported if the there are problems with the cache an app that works via near field communication (for example, the aforementioned Android Pay app). just search in this case under the settings the appropriate application and clear the cache or the app simply uninstall and reinstall afterwards.

If all else fails to pick up the classics and restart the phone

If – despite all attempts – still an NFC read errors are reported, you should try finally the panacea among the solutions and restart the phone once again. In most cases where the signal is not blocked by hardware or sheaths helps to restart the device to correct the error. If a connection can not be made as before, it may be due to a damaged NFC chip.