With the free Toy Blast App is a typical puzzle game on the mobile device. Players can combine in more than 500 levels of the same color cubes together to collect toys and so proceed toy paradise in Amy. The tricky to the Android app: The allowed moves are limited.

Toy Blast app: immersion in Amy's toy world

At first glance, one might think that if it were a new King.com game. This is not so, even if there is visually and also in terms of game mechanics parallels. The puzzle app was developed by the Turkish company Peak Games, which has been mainly digitized classic board games and provided as an app. With the Toy Blast Android game, the developers have paid a very popular genre, puzzles. The player is placed in a cute world of toys. Its mission is to support Amy about to collect their toys. The graphics are incredibly cute and colorful - this alone ensures a good mood.

Toy Blast AppThe Toy Blast App is a typical puzzle with sweet graphics

Besides the here offered Android version, there is the game for iOS, Amazon and can be played on Facebook. The application can be downloaded to Android devices from version 2.3. The app includes in-app offers and advertising.

Toy Blast Android: endless toys

In the jam-packed with toys world of little girl Amy to wait over 500 levels to the player. Unlike most other puzzles, this is not a typical match 3 game. The app already allows combinations with two same color. However, the player long rows naturally bring a significantly more points. In addition, the user per level has only a certain number of trains available. One should therefore consider carefully whether you squandered it with two series.

Toy Blast App LevelMore than 500 levels can be played in Toy Blast

Therefore your entertainment, the player in the Toy Blast app must meet certain tasks. Thus, various toys such as wind turbines, missiles, dolls, piggy banks or toy cars must be collected.

Toys collect boosters

In order not to lose heart in the increasingly tricky levels of play, there are a variety of powerful boosters. So you can bring dice to explode or replenish his strength. help among other buckets, drills, TNT, rotors or the vacuum booster.

Who wants to compete with his friends, connect to Facebook and trying to get to the top places in the rankings.