Search in WhatsApp messages and find ancient texts

Where should again get the party? When was the meeting with the girls? who in Search WhatsApp messages must come thanks to search your destination quickly. Learn to how to use them properly!

Drivers who makes after his download WhatsApp for Android the fun and looks up how many messages he has since sent via messenger and received, will certainly get big eyes. Now, imagine, you look in this text jungle after a certain info. Fortunately, it's not as bad as it sounds at first, thanks to search!

Search WhatsApp messages

Search WhatsApp messages searchable

About WhatsApp are daily thousands, if not sent even millions messages. Messenger as WhatsApp have become one of the most important means of communication of our time. About the app is not only nice chats and jokes take place, also schedules and appointments are organized or exchanged contact details. Who needs to know where the party takes place on Saturday or when aunt was Inge's birthday must embark on the search. Conveniently, WhatsApp has a search function that you can make use of the fact. The user can start the search by any keyword.

There are two ways to address its search: Direct in a particular chat, or on the list of chats.

Find messages within the chat

When users want to search WhatsApp messages and yet know exactly by whom the information comes, they can do the following:

  • First, the Messenger is started and the corresponding chat in which you think you find the desired message appears.
  • Now the user clicks on the menu with the three points and selects the Search option.

Search WhatsApp chat messages

  • It appears above the chat, the search box in which the subject can be entered. In our case, we were looking for cat.
  • All entries containing the word cat, are now highlighted in yellow.
  • To switch between the found terms, use the two arrow buttons next to the search box.

Search results WhatsApp messages

Search all chats WhatsApp

Who ever did not have a clue to what chat and the person from whom the requested information was sent, which can also easily sift through all chats. That's how it's done:

  • Will you look WhatsApp messages without knowing the sender, you go into the rider chats. There, all conversations are listed.
  • Now click on the magnifying glass, the search box is opened with the once.

Search WhatsApp messages multiple chats

  • Even the search term can be entered. In our search with the word Bruno all messages are now displayed below each other, in which the name appears.
  • User can click the appropriate entries and lands directly in the message in the corresponding chat.