Dungeon Boss

Dungeon Boss

As the name of the role play already announced, it goes into the Dungeon Boss App about being boss of a dungeon. The user should collect heroes in the RPG action game and train them into powerful fighters with whom he can beat the opponent on the other dungeons. A funny action fun in a very nice graphics.

“Bruiser” -Vergnügen in the Dungeon Boss App

The US-based Big Fish Games, known for its PC, online and app games, allows the user to even properly as Boss aufzuspielen. The Dungeon Boss Android Game comes from the genre Action-RPG where countless heroes and crooks romp. The player’s task is to become the boss of the dungeon. For this, you have to gather heroes and their abilities, fighting techniques and equipment to polish up piece by piece in order to gather a powerful team around. This is necessary because one must overcome foes and fierce bosses, there are more than enough.

Dungeon Boss AppExciting Haudrauf pleasure in the Dungeon Boss App

The app is available for both iOS and Android. The download offered here is for Android devices from version 4.0. The app offers in-app purchases between about one and one hundred euro.

Heroes gather in Dungeon Boss Android

To advance to the dreaded Boss, a powerful team must be built. That is, first heroes like Goblinkrieger, skeletons and ninjas have to be collected. In the next step, new fighting techniques are unlocked so that opponents of other Dungeons can be brought to its knees. In the Dungeon Boss app not only his own empire against raids and attacks you have to defend, one walks also boldly ahead and surprised enemy troops. To move forward quickly, the many powerful bosses need to be done in the first place.

Dungeon Boss App fighting techniquesunlock new fighting techniques of the heroes in Dungeon Boss

Guilds and treasures in the dungeon adventure

The player makes his way scoured castles, caves and forests to track down the one hand, opponents and also to loot treasures. It being possible to win with a bigger team greater riches easier. Say, who makes guilds with other players can make it lighter larger prey.

In addition, one can expand his wealth by fighting among other tournaments. so you climb not only the winners list up, you dust off and great bonuses. By completing various missions treasures can be cashed.