The gameplay of browser games Travian orintiert roughly the classic building games The Settlers. In the role of the Romans, Germans and Gauls you take on the expansion of a small Siedung and develops them optimally to the powerful empire. At the beginning you have to Travian only a main building and several around it is settled hexes. There is erected clay pits and loggers, digging in Bergen to iron and sows to on fields of grain. As usual with games of this type, has also Travian each nation on its own characteristics. The Germans are particularly good at dealing with the sword, Gauls seem to have been born on horseback and the Romans use their legendary infrastukturellen benefits. Whether you play these roles quasi faithfully, every user is left to - war and battle are just as options such as peaceful coexistence and pacts. The expansion of Sieldung takes up quite some time, making the free games is pretty good for a few entertaining clicks from time to time. Who is not logged in the whole game time missed does not guarantee anything, because the reduction of resources as well as building the production takes place in offline mode. Incidentally, the great model there under the title The Settlers Online also as a browser game.