Google Toolbar for Firefox

The Toolbar from the house of Google expands the kipper Firefox browser to some useful functions. The freeware latches onto either as a toolbar in the header Surf the program, a or integrated as an option in the search box. Important note: Google has discontinued development because Mozilla itself has integrated functions. Only Fuchs versions up to 4.0 can still use the Toolbar. A version of the Google Toolbar for IE, we also offer for download.

Larger surfing experience with the Google Toolbar Firefox

Those who want to surf even more convenient in the future, should provide its Mozilla Firefox with additional features. An option that allows the very simple, is about the Google Toolbar Firefox. As it is downloaded in a flash and installed, the user will immediately benefit from the new features. The toolbar brings a with many useful features studded additional toolbar to the PC.

Google Toolbar for Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is upgraded effectively

Among the features of the Google Toolbar Firefox is one among other Storing your own bookmarks on the Internet. In this way, also attacks on other people's computers from convenient and fast on his favorite websites. The program also has a Translator on board, more than 40 languages controlled. Words in the English language can be translated by moving the mouse to the concept immediately. The tool interprets even entire websites with just one click into German. In addition, a spell checker has been integrated as a symbol that can cross-check mails and forms. To have to enter it again and again its data for forms, the user can create a profile on the autofill. This will automatically fill in all fields with one click. The search is one of the most important browser functions will be greatly simplified with the toolbar. Are you a term in the search box, are proposals that emerge from the experience of Google, provided. These recommendations also behave dynamically. Interesting for operators own websites should the Display of the so-called PageRank be. This feature has made the importance of visited Internet sites in the search engine industry leader. In addition, the Google Toolbar for Firefox offers a smart feature that behind the nondescript name releasing hidden and published mouse click interesting links on social networking platforms like Facebook or even on your own blog. For example, the toolbar also has an optimal Google + connectors but that shows notifications and easier sharing. The freeware can also be adapted to individual needs.

Toolbar from Firefox version 4.0 superfluous

As already mentioned above, the Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox has been discontinued. The reason is relatively simple: Mozilla Firefox has just installed itself all the features in the browser over the years. Today, almost all browser functions of the Google Toolbar Firefox, such as the proposals in the search or form autocomplete, standard on board. Who still up to Number Four surfs with old fox versions through the network for which the additional Firefox toolbar is still suitable. the old Firefox browser upgrade Up to version 4.0, the toolbar made by Google was a real asset to the browser - and thus also for the user. That now all browsers have taken over these functions, says in each case for the usefulness of the toolbar. So no one wants to miss today these functions when surfing but more.