Killshot Bravo

Killshot Bravo

A gripping first-person shooter complacent? In the free Killshot Bravo app must be met over 200 dangerous missions and terrorist groups are eliminated. Whether in close combat or from the air, alone, in the sniper duel or a powerful alliance – for combat missions’s most advanced weapons.

Killshot Bravo app – first-class shooter for mobile devices

The development team at Hothead Games has devoted himself to Killshot again the first person shooter genre. The action game sends the player on exciting secret missions behind enemy lines to eliminate threats such as terrorist groups. The aim is to maintain world peace and to thwart attacks. For combat missions the player gets in Killshot Bravo Android-art military armor at hand.

Killshot Bravo appKillshot Bravo app – FPS for Android devices

Due to the realistic violence of the shooter for young people aged 18 years is released. The Android app can be downloaded for free, provided the device has Android version 4.0 or higher. The APK is relatively large with 80 MB, also the pricing policy of app users is criticized some weapons are extremely expensive.

Exciting missions in Killshot Bravo Android

After downloading the app, the user assumes the role of a well-trained soldier who is sent as part of a special unit on secret missions. Organizations and terrorist groups that threaten the world, are to be turned off on this dangerous jobs. To the enemies, among other UAVs, bazooka shooters infantrymen exoskeleton soldiers or Mechs. In total, there are more than 200 highly varied missions, in which the soldier can fall.

risk operations

While you put on a day in the jungle in a guerilla war, we explored another any Isles to detect threats. The user also arises in unusual situations (for example, on a Jeep truck bed) the melee or surprise the enemy from the air by helicopter. Moreover occupied buildings have recaptured or frontal assaults be withstood in Killshot Bravo app. Finally, it is important to roam the grounds in the game to make enemy hiding places.

Killshot Bravo app PvPLive exciting duels to assert itself as a sniper

Multiplayer and alliances

The player can also provide its accuracy in live sniper duels to the test in Killshot Bravo. Before being the hunted, you can track it with a heat meter enemies.

the ability to form alliances newly beyond. Together particularly hairy missions can be met quickly. For optimal exchange of tactics, etc. a chat feature is integrated.

The further you get, the more options for individualization of one’s own soldiers are available: So you can unlock helmets, goggles, uniforms and so on.