CopyPST saves intact data from defective personal folders of MS Outlook. Here, the free email medic with PST files of Outlook versions from 97 understands.

CopyPST download as a last resort for defective Outlook data

A PC crash or a power outage meet sometimes that refuses to work after starting Outlook and reports that the database into which the mail program writes its information is damaged. E-mail, contacts and calendar data appear to be hopelessly lost. Although Microsoft provides with SCANPST as a board means a repair wizard damaged PST files, often this does not work satisfactorily. Therefore, the Outlook user should to CopyPST download to grab. The small, free tool reads first of all the PST mailbox and sets defective items restored. In contrast to Microsoft's competitors, however, the freeware does not break off at the same read errors, but only logs in a log file. The PST file with the saved messages contain a new directory structure including the personal folder.

CopyPST download

CopyPST is broken PST files Restores

If a MS Exchange Server is used, MS Outlook stores the data of personal folders in the PST format. These include both e-mails and contacts, tasks, notes and calendar. Keeping all Outlook data in a single file associated with certain risks: Once even a single component is damaged, even SCANPST fails by Microsoft and all important data are apparently destroyed. Here CopyPST comes as a knight in shining armor into play. The repair program to restore defective PST files succeeds in many cases, to copy the PST file to a new file, so that the defective file can be restored again by manually editing.

Mail attachments can not be repaired

Prerequisite for the use of the data savior it that the PST file can still be opened in Outlook. CopyPST then simply acts as an extended data export. When errors are detected in the file, the freeware does not stop, as is even the case with Outlook, but ignores the error easily. Only attachments can not be repaired with CopyPST unfortunately.

CopyPST minimizes the amount of data loss

CopyPST copies a complete directory structure to another file and set the default folder restores. If individual objects can not be copied, the freeware simply proceeds to the next and is a corresponding remark on the screen and in a file. The small Outlook tool not a substitute for securing personal PST file, but minimized wherever PC disasters, the extent of data loss. By the same author OLfix comes. This is used to find problems with the profiles or other errors in Outlook and repair. This makes sense, as most problems in Microsoft Outlook caused by faulty profiles and settings. More free tools to backup and restore data can be found in our download area.

CopyPST Download Data Recovery

save personal Outlook data after Datengau If the PST file has been corrupted for no apparent reason, thanks to the CopyPST Downloads no panic is in order. The e-mail paramedic rescues in many cases the most important messages and folders, and is also easy to use. The freeware creates by simply copying backup copies of corrupted PST files of Outlook. These can then often repaired with available materials. However CopyPST can recover any attachments of emails.