With the moovel app brings travel enthusiasts and fans of city trips the perfect route planner on the smartphone. The Android app combines all means of transportation by Deutsche Bahn to rent bicycles in a surface and thus offers extremely customized and flexible routes. The payment can be handled within the app.

Multimodal routing with the moovel app

The possibilities for movement especially in large cities are incredibly versatile nowadays: bus, tram, subway and train, taxi, car sharing, the German railway, bike rental or carpool. Actually, a great base to cater to everyone. Who wants to fast or particularly cheap from A to B, should be able to find his route as fast as someone who explore the city and experience want. Unfortunately it is missing at this point in the cooperation of all services. This gap is now closed, the innovative moovel app. The application for Android smartphone brings together all means of transportation, and allows the user a flexible and multi mobile route planning.

moovel app

Extensive network: the route planner app

In order to ensure flexibility in the means of transportation, the moovel Android application combines the following transportation:

  • German railway
  • PT (public transport)
  • taxi
  • car sharing
  • Rental bikes

In the field of regional transport associations, some partners have already been taken to cooperate. Here, among other things, the Munich Transport and Tariff Association (MVV), the Transport Association of Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB), the Transport Federation of Greater Nuremberg (VGN) and Rhein-Ruhr (VRR) and from the Stuttgart area of ​​SSB and VVS.

Who can be chauffeured by car from A to B rather use discount myTaxi and mitfahrgelegenheit.de can perceive in the moovel Android. Even self-drive without their own set of wheels come thanks to integration of car2go at their expense.Those who prefer to environmental and health conscious explored cities via bicycle, can rely on the following services:

  • nextbike
  • metropolradruhr
  • Noris Bike

In future, adding more service providers and transport associations.

plan individual routes moovel

The route planner app allows the user to explore unknown cities in his own way. So each user according to the weather, his purse and his preferences can decide how he wants to move. For this, the goal is simply entered in the app. Then, the app displays a wide variety of ways to achieve this. In addition to the means of transport, the application also indicates travel expenses and travel time. The intermediate stations are included.

moovel route planning app

Who is looking for a taxi or car2go, simply calls the map view. There, all available cars are displayed in real time. Also, bus routes, locations of rental bikes and public stations are available in this way.

Very easy to arrive to your destination

The app is clean design and allows intuitive operation, which will also prepare beginners joy. With the app moovel routes can be combined not only very flexible but also extremely easy. Indecisive be provided all available means of transport as a selection. But who knows that he wants to move around by bicycle or public, can select these modes directly.

moovel Booking App

If the route is planned, it can also be conveniently booked through the app. Rides Deutsche Bahn bookings through car2go and myTaxi work together via the moovel account bill. Even the BahnCard and bahn.bonus number are considered so that bonus points can be accumulated to continue.