Top 100s Radio

Top 100s Radio presents the top 100 music hits of the year - from 1947 to today. Whether pop, rock, hip-hop, rap, R & B, grunge or Country, the free Web service lists the top 100 each vintage and plays randomly matching songs via music streaming in the browser. The free Top 100s Radio offers music lovers a veritable treasure trove of hits from the 50s, 60s, 70s to the 2000s. Additional thematic hit lists such as the 100 best summer songs, salsa songs or grunge Title waiting for music fans. The range of artists covers everything: from The Beatles, The Who and Aretha Franklin to Michael Jackson, LL Cool J, Elvis, Badfinger or Anthrax all music genres are virtually represented. For every hit list appears Top 100s Radio on a music streaming with titles of the current hit list. Randomly a playlist of hit list is played. Up to six titles per hour can be skipped. In this way, you can spend hours can sprinkle with top hits. A mouse click on the artist leads to the discography, music videos and biography. However, the British buy-links to purchase digital music did not work in the short test. Top 100s Radio offers Internet surfers a free overview of Cream de la Cream modern music culture. Only the lack of a specific title choice for favorite hits clouds the overall picture minimal. In short, hits, hits and more hits in the browser for free and a good alternative to services like Spotify or Last.FM.