Caribic Islands

Caribic Islands

At the Caribic Islands Download to build in the South Pacific island of its own empire and fights against other real players for scarce commodities such as gold, wood and island kingdom.

Strategic game elements in Caribic Islands Download

The browser game reminiscent of Settlers Online and offers numerous components such as maritime, commodity production, Koloniebau and much more. In Caribic Islands to catch after the free registration on the manufacturing side as self-appointed governor on an island virtually from scratch. Taking small steps to build their own island kingdom with the village center, raw material storage and shipping fleet on a local power. Thanks woodcutters and port one is fast seaworthy and explored own privateer fleet the South Seas.

In the colonization of other islands of the players in competition with other pirate commander of flesh and blood occurs in Caribic Islands. You can either diplomatically or form alliances can speak the guns. Only those who act strategically important cornerstone of the rule of managing such resources and alliances sent, will maintain a Caribbean island kingdom and expand. Numerous extras such as better and more effective defensive mines and boats, and much more can be purchased or by credits to be earned with difficulty in the game.

Caribic Islands Download

Caribic Islands plays like a mix of settlers and Command&Conquer .; In particular, the strategic game elements and interact with other online players are the ones making varied gameplay. Another strategy games for free download are available in our extensive software offering.