Last Day on Earth Survival Bunker code: How comes in your

Last Day on Earth Survival Bunker code: How comes in your

Bunkers are in the zombie apocalypse game for smartphone is a welcome change for looting, leveling and dying. often but you can this additional dungeons only one Last Day on Earth Survival Bunker code to enter. Where and how you will receive these codes, we revealed here.

With a Last Day on Earth Survival Bunker code into the ground

Anyone who has ever started playing the Last Day on Earth Survival app can not stop as quickly. Over time, however, the zombies and other, often hostile players stricken outside world but perhaps a bit unspectacular – at least if one has survived in the newfound dangerous “freedom” the first time. Who finally once tasted blood, want more adrenaline.

The thought is probably also the developers when they introduced the bunker into play. Bunker Bunker Alfa and Bravo have long to find. Bunker Charlie to follow. Entering they can only using certain cards that you have to find previously: A corpse in front of the bunker it has for Bunker Alfa. For the Alfa Vault you also still needs an additional code. And that is a bit difficult to get hold of.

Last Day on Earth Survival Bunker codeWith the right Last Day on Earth Survival Bunker code Your only gain access to Bunker Alfa. (Picture: editorial)

find code – how?

The problem with the access code for Bunker Alfa that it changes daily – and not the same code applies to every player. Therefore, there are several: the web including the following have appeared:

  • 07275
  • 07256
  • 77612
  • 70413
  • 77016

You can try this code, but should not expect too much of you. But there is a trick you can find out about the rules applicable to you on this day Code: The CB Radio, the you can cobble together yourself.

Via Radio is sometimes namely to transmit a message that the bunker is attacked, followed by a code. However, this code is only valid for 24 hours. Afterwards, there is a new one.

Last Day on Earth Survival Bunker code numbersenter numbers: Then you go. (Picture: editorial)

A bunker has what it takes

The good thing bunker Alfa: On the ground level will come your not a zombie. For this, you will find a lot of loot, but which is away once you’ve taken it once to you.

On level 1 and below you will find, among others, an AK-47, a motor magazine and a mini-gun.
You can find some help in the following video:

Bunker Bravo your needs no Last Day on Earth Survival Bunker code, but a CAC card B that you find anywhere in the world or can get from zombies as well as Lootboxen. Here you should but watch out when opening the bunker: A whole horde comes on you stormed out when the door is open. Enough food and Heilkram therefore are required in the equipment.