Financial Accounting Freeware

At the Financial Accounting Freeware Download is the name of the same program. With the free financial tool, the user cares to fairly straightforward way to his double-entry bookkeeping, almost as if he would just a simple cash book.

Financial accounting freeware download for balance sheet and income statement

The financial accounting freeware is similar to a cash book in paper form and also brings the same with a number of additional analysis options. The freeware taking care of their own balance sheets, income statements created and takes over the bank statements and the expression of a journal. Templates for frequently recurring booking texts can be saved and loaded as needed at any time. Various other cash book formats, the user can import and export. Moreover, virtually the option of saving reports directly from the print preview in PDF format.

Financial Accounting Freeware Download

Choice of automatic or manual document numbering

The bookings can be entered by the user quickly and easily changed, duplicated and deleted. An account summary can be accessed at any time in bookings. Quite useful is the automatic document numbering. If desired, the user can manually control with special numbers and override. The balance sheet and income statement are immediately updated on all changes and can be output on the printer.

up to five levels define account groups

Thanks to the user-defined chart of accounts is a chart of accounts can be created that is specifically tailored to its own operation. Account groups up to five levels can be set by the user and used. Group bookings also allow multiple entries in the set with a multi-distribution in credit and vice versa.

Financial Accounting Freeware Download Journal

Financial accounting freeware limited to 200 entries

in addition to the financial accounting freeware download the manufacturer offers several premium versions of its financial management. These are labeled Light, Standard and Pro. The freeware version is limited to a maximum number of 200 entries per year. The Standard and Pro versions also offer the following additional features: Flexible collective posting, export the balance sheet and income statement in text and Excel format, VAT with automatic transfer, multi-tenancy (multiple independent accounting), income statement in the evaluation with budget budget comparison, VAT-extract and accumulate balances with change. Uncomplicated helpers for their own accounts Financial Accounting Freeware Download makes an electronic cash book quite a good figure. Anyone looking for a reliable and uncomplicated financial wizards for their own accounts, can do little wrong with the freeware. Knowledge of double-entry accounting be provided of course.

Limitations of Financial Accounting Freeware

The freeware version allows only 200 bookings per booking period.