Windows 10 Spotlight disable switch off & Advertising

In Windows 10 increasingly more advertising takes in the operating system tray. Who Disable Windows 10 Spotlight would like to receive a full guide on how to turn off 10 download unwanted advertisements by Microsoft on the lock screen during system startup after Windows. More disable Windows Spotlight below!

Disable Windows 10 Spotlight and waive Werbeinblendungen

According to the latest Windows 10 update as some users look at a modified lock screen. The usual at boot image was replaced by a new one. What's behind it? This is not just an exchange of the motives for the lock screen, but an already existing for a long time Windows is now defined for all users via the Windows Update as a new standard 10 function: Windows Spotlight. This is the German Windows 10 systems as "Windows Focus" designated.

Disable Windows 10 SpotlightDisable Windows 10 Spotlight and without advertising at startup.

Windows viewpoint appears at startup motives, which can evaluate the user

Windows Spotlight aka Windows viewpoint shows every day a new image on the lock screen. The function has long been available only in the Pro, Enterprise and Education versions of Windows 10, the Windows has now conquered but 10 home systems. The user has the opportunity to evaluate the images presented. In this way the system about the taste of the user learns and can display similar images that were rated positively and without motives that are not pleasing to the user.

Windows Spotlight function brings advertising and introduces new features

After restarting the computer, Windows viewpoint therefore shows each a new motif on the lock screen and asks how this is pleasing to the user. Microsoft uses the spotlight function not only for new images at startup, but also to switch own ads or user unused Windows functions present, among others, the voice assistant Cortana or certain apps.

Windows viewpoint switch off and select your own start Motive

Who wants to do without 10 Advertising on the lock screen on Windows, Windows may disable Spotlight 10. To this end, the user opens the settings and there the button personalization, and lock screen. There are three options here ready: image, slideshow and Windows viewpoint. To prevent the Microsoft Advertising to boot the system, the user simply selects the desired image and looks for the initial screen. Alternatively, it can also select your own scene with Browse, located on his hard drive.

Windows 10 Spotlight disable SpotlightDisable Windows viewpoint and instead choose a boot motive

Those who want to dispense entirely with advertising and communications from Microsoft, should be careful at this point the controller at "Show entertainment, tips, and more from Windows and Cortana on the lock screen" set to Off. This prevents overlays further promotions from Microsoft.

Windows 10 Spotlight off adsNo advertising or insertions of Cortana on the lock screen!