Precipitation Radar

Of the Precipitation Radar Download shows the current weather situation on the basis of radar images. With the free Win app and the web service of the same users keep any rain front and clouds in sight.

Precipitation Radar Germany Download with map and radar images of all regions

Precipitation radar updated every five minutes satellite imagery to Germany-wide weather. You can choose from a map of Germany and radar images of all regions. With small animations Freeware shows the movement of clouds areas including rain intensity over Germany. In addition, precipitation radar offers a five-day weather forecast for Germany and as well as a current temperature map.

Precipitation Radar DownloadWeather forecast by precipitation radar Download (Image: editorial)

Weather forecast with today's satellite images

Weather maps of Europe and animations for precipitation forecast complete the weather service. Precipitation radar saves waiting for the weather report on television. The practical weather app combines the weather forecast with today's satellite images from Germany and Europe.