School grades student version

With the School grades students Version Download Calculate in the main Bavarian students their grades. The free computer saves in this way but some unpleasant surprise on the day of testimony output.

School grades student version download with preview of the testimony

In the ZIP file of the grades students version, two versions of the music machine that its free competitors OpenOffice Calc are optimized for Excel and see. In the riders of these worksheets, the computer not only provides space for entering the notes, but also a graphical preview of the later testimony. But the core of the school grades student version is undoubtedly the note entry and calculation. Here, find a student of ethics English, French and mathematics to computer science and works probably all subjects taught again.

There are recorded each written and oral grades and the average is calculated. School grades student version then calculated the final score based on these GPAs and their weighting. By the way, stands for the other side of the desk grades teacher version available for download.

School grades students Version Download