Browser accumulate with time data and add-ons that make it slower. Now speed up Firefox and again with 100 percent pace surf through the World Wide Web!

The Firefox browser from Mozilla is not only due to its many extensions, add-ons and tools to the most popular Web browsers that are currently on the market. He is also popular because of its speed, which is why many users download the Mozilla Firefox. In addition, periodic updates will be provided to fill the security gaps and improve performance. Also, can boost the pace of Firefox with some tips and tricks so that the stay on the World Wide Web more enjoyable and faster for the user.

Delete unnecessary software: speed up Firefox

Users who use a browser such as Firefox a certain period, usually install a variety of extensions that fill the cache and set up a large number of bookmarks. This may sound convenient, but often makes the browser slow. Many extensions are for example loaded directly on activation of the browser, so that the starting process can be delayed. It explains how the browser Firefox can be accelerated.

speed up Firefox

The system requirements for Firefox

To use the browser in the latest version, computers are recommended with Windows (XP SP2, Server 2003 SP1, Vista, 7 or 8), Mac OS (Mac OS X 10.6) or a new Linux distribution work. Especially when it comes to acceleration, a fast processor with lots of memory should be available. As a minimum 4 1 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM are recommended by Mozilla a Pentium, but the computer should be better equipped when the browser should be greatly accelerated.

make the browser faster with simple means

Using the following steps the use of Firefox can significantly speed:

1st step: First, all the unnecessary add-ons and themes should be uninstalled. For this, the menu appears on the top right and add-ons selected. All add-ons that are unused, the user should uninstall. In addition, it must be ensured that the browser is always up to date.

speed up Firefox Addons

Step 2: Thereafter the user to cookies, cache, and the Chronicle should take care of. Under certain circumstances, this slow the browser significantly. For this, the menu is opened again, but this time and then goes into the Settings tab Privacy. Now the Chronicle and the cookies can be deleted. In the Advanced tab in the Network of Web sites cache can be deleted. This speeds up the browser usually already clear.

speed up Firefox cache