The Last Ship Stream: The end time series online watch!

Of the The Last Ship Stream tells the story of U.S.S. Nathan James. The destroyer of the US Navy is in the end-time TV series in the center of the imminent demise of humanity after a viral pandemic has broken out. We tell you where there and The Last Ship online if The Last Ship can be streamed on Netflix via the Netflix app. learn more here - and where The Last Ship Season 3 to see and when the Season 4 appear!

The Last Ship Stream: In search of the antidote for the deadly virus

The American drama television series The Last Ship is based on the novel by William Brinkley. The destroyer of the US Navy is on a special mission on the road and returns to a world in which large of a pandemic parts of humanity were killed and in the whole of government, the governments have collapsed. The captain of the US warship James Tom Chandler (Eric Dane), microbiologist Rachel Scott (Rhona Mitra) and the second Captain Nathan James Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin) try to save humanity and aboard the USS Nathan James, a cure for the deadly virus to produce.

The Last Ship StreamThe Last Ship Stream: Is there a cure for the deadly virus? Source: TNT

The Last Ship Season 4 new with 13 episodes is already commissioned

The The Last Ship Season 1 aired in the US with ten episodes for the first time between June and August 2014 on the cable network TNT. The The Last Ship Season 2 followed in June 2015 and due to the great success was also ordered equal to one The Last Ship Season 3, which has been running since June 19 2016th A The Last Ship Season 4 with 13 new episodes is also already been commissioned. An exact launch date has not been announced, but friends of the series can expect that The Last Ship Season 4 will be about to see from June 2017th

The Last Ship Season 3 on pay TV with TNT series since June 2016

The exciting end-time series is available in German-speaking countries so far only the pay channel TNT series, where the The Last Ship Season 2 was seen just one day after the US premiere, as well as The Last Ship Season 3, whose charisma due assassination in Orlando was postponed at short notice. TNT series can (formerly Sky Online) received via the Sky Entertainment package or Sky ticket.

it's The Last Ship stream available at Amazon Video, iTunes and Sky

Who wants to see the The Last Ship stream via the Internet, accesses Amazon Video, iTunes or Sky. There all seasons of the end time series are available. Unfortunately, The Last Ship is not available on Netflix, as well as with max cathedrals and Amazon Prime. So if you want to look at The Last Ship stream online through a movie flat rate, this can currently only on the bid from Sky.