"JusProg" is an abbreviation for youth protection program. Of the JusProg download operates on a similar principle as advertising banners Adblock Plus and to discourage children and young people from entering for them unsuitable sites.

JusProg Download as surf guards for children and youth

According JusProg consists of the actual software and a regularly updated filter list are listed in the web content such as violence or eroticism. These lists are divided into different age profiles, which can also be in the freeware up yourself and put the young age appropriate barriers. The limits are six, twelve, sixteen and eighteen years of age and also affect the display of search results in search engines like Google. The JusProg providers put entirely on the cooperation of the user.

JusProg download

Lock for known fraudulent sites and advertising traps

Who, for example, missing a non-child- or youth-friendly website in the extensive filter list, they can report to a relevant page and submit for consideration. The paid premium version, incidentally, offers advanced features such as a lock for known fraudulent sites and advertising traps. In addition, here JusProg blocked diversions via proxy servers and sharing content. Although the Commission for Youth Media Protection of State Media Authorities JusProg recognized under certain conditions in accordance with applicable legal requirements, the filter can not provide total protection. A more tranquil conscience can parents after the use of the software but have denoch when their kids are out of the net.