Augmented Reality, as we imagine them: In the Snapchat app, it is now possible to so-called Snapchat World lenses add - as a real-time filter via live video. So that the service also builds a bridge to the announced goggles Spectacles, which is to be equipped with a video camera.

Snapchat World lensesOur office Relaxo was very excited about the new world filters. Especially over the glittering clouds he rejoiced. (Photos: editorial)

Augmented Reality with Snapchat World lenses

The new update for Snapchat brings a very interesting innovation with itself. For the popular filter the app were previously applicable only to faces. As of now but you can also decorate the environment and other people, and direct a special focus on it. The Snapchat World lenses specifically for example clouds on the environment can be put spewing rainbows or let it snow.

Some World lenses combine it faces and the surrounding area, such as the heart filter that holds only via front camera fly like out of sight of the user heart. Then the device switcht to the back camera - and shows the heart to the targeted person to fly.

Enable lenses and go

A total of six lenses come so far for iOS and Android, including a flashlight to illuminate individual image sections. but more to follow.But remember: filters must first be activated in the Snapchat app. If you are not quite sure how to do this, can follow our small guide:

  1. Ensures that the latest Snapchat version is installed on your device and opens the app.
  2. Presses on the camera screen on the ghost icon.
  3. Opens the top right with the gear settings and select Manage
  4. Presses the button to activate the filter.

Snapchat World lenses puking cloudsThe Regenbogenkotzerei now goes well with the rear camera continues: clouds all around you spit out colorful stripes.

Now you can start with the Knipserei. And that goes as follows:

  • Do you have the lens function is already activated, pushing the video screen long on the screen. Below appear as usual filters - supplemented by the new Snapchat World Filters: The Rainbow clouds (through the rear-view camera, via the front camera is again cheerful rainbow puke possible!), Glitters with "noise function," Snow, a flashlight, hearts and butterflies.
  • Selects a filter and let your creativity run wild!

Preparing for Spectacles

the world filters could be of particular interest to the announced by Snapchat goggles with video camera, Spectacles, announced by the end of September 2016, the company. The Augmented Reality filters fit as naturally perfect.

In addition, Snapchat has equal yet rolled out a small novelty with. It is now possible to tap into stories and Discover a snap and keep it pressed to send it to a friend. This makes sharing with Snapchat again easier. It will be interesting what will soon come with spectacles like this.