iTunes for Windows

iTunes for Windows works as a central interface between Apple's iPod, iPad or iPhone and PC. The multimedia manager plays many file types from managed in addition to music videos and imported music CDs. The built-in iTunes iTunes Store additionally offers a huge selection of music, movies, TV shows, books and apps for sale via the Internet.

From simple MP3 application for multimedia manager

Since its first publication, iTunes has evolved into a complex multimedia giant. hear not just music, manage, but also the burning and converting as well as synchronization and shopping now belong to the basic repertoire of the iTunes download for Windows. Starting the program has a simple MP3 application, which was just purchased by Apple, including developers. When the first version of iTunes was released in January 2001, this was sort of a reflection of the newly acquired SoundJam MP. Soon after taking over Apple faltered on the program with additional features and greater compatibility. namely, the music management - - For example, the core of the program was quickly optimized resupplied the iPod support and other CD burner. Also, the first as iTunes Music Store called multimedia shopping area was integrated. As early as 2003, the freeware presented as a feature-rich media manager with many extras. In all subsequent versions of not only the range of the iTunes Store has been extended, but always working to improve the platform. Even the look of a lot has happened in the music manager. 2010 Apple also launched to integrate a social component with Ping, so that music fans can exchange the attempt. The first logon storm suggested a complete success. However, the fact remained active participation, so that the network has already been set two years later. nevertheless social components must not be dispensed with today, as Apple has tightened the integration of Facebook and Twitter.

iTunes for Windows Download brings PC and Apple devices together

For users at home on your Windows PC to work, but use in the mobile world prefer Apple devices such as iPod or iPhone, the Download iTunes for Windows almost a must. In addition to its music manager services the program primarily functions as a link between Windows PC and Apple mobile products. That is, the user closes his mobile i-device to a computer, all Media files from iTunes automatically syncs. Data exchange is either via wireless or cable. Who does not want Synchronization its entire media collection, can make for data exchange individual settings. In this way, just certain songs, albums or playlists can be pushed to the device. The Music Manager also allows individual audio files by dragging & to drop files onto the device. A plus reap iTunes that it recognizes different devices and also reminded them. So users can easily synchronize multiple devices and replace if necessary with different content. In addition, the download of iTunes for Windows supports 32-bit and systems to 64-bit for communication with the mobile operating system iOS 7 for iPhone and Co .. This means that the media manager is THE central interface between Windows and iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch , By the way: The synchronization function of the software is also great to regularly Backups its media collection to create.

Music and movies available anywhere: Synchronization with iCloud

The manual synchronization between PC and Apple device is extremely useful. BUT: it's even easier. Thanks to the integration of online data storage services iCloud your media files can be easily stored in the i-cloud. so that the company from Cupertino allows cross-device synchronization of emails, photos, music, movies, documents and apps. Say, you can communicate with any device on the Apple's online service iCloud and use it to access all of its media portfolio. Provided: Man iTunes has downloaded free for Windows. In this way, all your favorite tracks as well as the personal film classics are not only always available, but also stored in a safe place. No matter where you put just - whether on your home PC, on the train or at work - from their music is just a click. Songs, audio books and movies can be the one easily accessible via the cloud or play after downloading the file on your own device. The second option is useful if, for example, travels abroad, where not always Fi is available or has a longer flight before him. Especially practical: ICloud makes a note, at which point the user interrupted his film session. This means that you can podcasts, audiobooks, or interrupt movies anytime later re-enter precisely at this point. In addition, the cloud does not matter which device the film is then seen. a downer There are, however, on the iCloud: iTunes stores only the iTunes Store purchased media in online storage service. These are also automatically stored after purchase in the iWolke so that is possible immediately, the global access to the entire film and music collection. Who films he or otherwise acquired, wants to put in the iCloud music he has ripped from old CDs, has to pay a mite. Apple has this so-called iTunes Match Service at. For 24,99 Euro per year, users can use it to store all their media in the cloud, regardless of whether they have been purchased from iTunes or not.

play and manage with iTunes for Windows Download Music

Analog music, disorderly CD stack, tattered cover and additional music mess on the PC, MP3 player and Co. were yesterday. With the download of iTunes for Windows is the entire digital music collection to a place. And so just bring the music manager order to the media mess: First of all for Windows download iTunes for free and install it. Both go quickly and easily unfolds in the rule. Now only import all existing music files to the Manager. Digitizing the old CD collection makes the program by the way with the left. The converter can audio CDs either convert to MP3 or AAC format. If the files are imported, the Manager automatically adds all information such as artist, title, album title and album cover. The presentation of the music collection can be varied depending on your preference. iTunes for Windows will list either by artist, genre, album title or composer and presented the album art when required as a gallery. Who likes stylish it switches to the "Cover Flow" and flips through digital disk shelf. These and similar useful administration tasks you know already from other free programs for music management. However, this manager does not only include an additional converter that digitizes music CDs, also can with the built-burning module to banish own music collections on CD or DVD. A ten-band equalizer completes the freeware.

iTunes for Windows download music management

iTunes replaced by built-in player and playlist feature the DJ

Now that the entire music library is available as available, creating playlists into one of the easiest exercises. Whether it is the best-of-80s mix for your next party, a romantic playlist for a dinner for two or the motivation for the next round of training. The songs are found in no time and compiled. Who even that is too strenuous, simply let the media service work for you. The tool is that is also able to play lists, so-called "intelligent" playlists, to create. The software evaluates individual songs based on various criteria, such as the playback frequency, and provides an individual choice of music together. Fortunately, the tool can not only organize, but also play all existing media. Movies, albums, podcasts or audiobooks are thus only a click away. Also for the perfect musical accompaniment will be provided. So the integrated player with the so-called cross fader song transitions faded gently into each other. And who can once again not decide at the huge selection of artists and genres that are the responsibility of the Genius feature from. All that is left to do is pick a song - the rest is done Genius. The feature goes into the music library in search of tracks that match the selected. In this mood and genre of songs to be considered. Who likes the procedure, which can be create Genius based on a predetermined track and entire playlists. Of course, iTunes is trying to seduce the user also to buy new media by Genius also proposes songs from the iTunes Store. but these tips can be safely ignored, they are also not a major inconvenience. Little hint: One innovation that might be for Windows users in particular degree of interest: Since version 10.5 of iTunes for Windows will download without QuickTime. So far, the installation of the proprietary media player has always been a basic requirement to be able to play media from the popular music management software. Those days are now over.

With iTunes for Windows shopping the iTunes Store

As well as the iTunes for Windows Download himself, who tailed iTunes Store has grown steadily in recent years. Starting with a modest selection of songs and albums, the store now offers everything a media heart - and beyond. Not without reason, the store is now one of the most extensive Trading platforms for music, movies and TV series in the web. Despite the broad range of media remains the music area with over 37 million DRM-free songs the core of the store. The Browse by artist, track and album in the database as well as the pre-listening music tracks are free of charge for all users. The prices for individual songs move from 0.69 to 1.29 euros. Who is not sure with an album that can tentatively buy a few songs and "complete album" via download the missing tracks. The already purchased songs are of course deducted in album purchase from the price.

iTunes for Windows Download Store

No less impressive is the selection of movies and TV shows. More than 250,000 series and 65,000 thrillers, classics, action, love or horror movies waiting to be seen. Most of these are otherwise available in HD quality and can also be hired. In addition, you can browse through the colorful repertoire of counselors, comedies or thrillers in peace for the next holiday or train reading. Plus: the iCloud suggests the eBook back to the page on which it was sold. In addition, the store also offers numerous podcasts and apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - many of them free for download - on. All media purchased from the iTunes Store, as already mentioned, found in the iCloud available. The only drawback is in this process that the appropriate title should be available at the time of the call even in the store. You might want to find inspiration in his expedition of several hit lists and charts. Perhaps among the most popular movies or movie novelties is the right one for the next movie night with friends there. Perhaps there is also the next catchy among meistgedownloadeten songs or albums. Or the current App of the Week is the new favorite application.

Free educate with iTunes U

A relatively new category in the iTunes Store is the area "ITunes U". This is a type of "learning area" in which multimedia offerings from various museums, universities and other cultural institutions are offered. Who just once wants to engage in any form develop or learn a new language, will find it here. The selection ranges from language courses, lectures, discussions of materials on various fields of knowledge. The coronation: All Content is provided free of charge. So only requirement for personal training is only the download of iTunes for Windows. Furthermore: iTunes U is, among other things interesting for teachers and lecturers. All relevant content of instruction can be merged on the platform and make it accessible for everyone. Teachers can enter or her homework with binding deadlines there make learning materials available. Students can check off completed tasks, take notes, anytime selectively access learning content. Thus, certain places with iTunes U among other things possible to identify in the materials (a specific page of a book) to which the learner is then performed during the opening of the material.

iTunes continues to evolve

New from iTunes 11.1 iTunes is radio. This works much like Spotify and also contains more than 200 official radio station and numerous songs from the iTunes Store. So far, the radio is however only available in the US version. When it's done in Germany, is not yet known.

Note:The media manager may optionally as for Windows 32-bit or 64-bit be downloaded.

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