desktop Reminder

Of the Desktop Reminder Download organized events on Windows. The free appointment manager manages appointments, deadlines or birthdays and reminds forgetful or busy natures of upcoming tasks.

Desktop Reminder download as a free scheduler for Windows

Desktop Reminder starts with the operating system and provides an overview of the currently pending appointments. When creating new entries, shows what special attention was paid to the Freeware to the simplicity of operation. The input window is like the entire graphical interface has simple and clear. Desktop Reminder offers numerous settings: Appointments can be, for example, to the minute precisely define and optionally adjust to resubmission.

Desktop Reminder Download

Variety of settings and functions

When meeting deadlines with longer lead-time desktop helps Reminder by correspondingly long-term early warning. This proves, for example, when canceling subscriptions or leases in handy. Despite its small file size desktop has Reminder to an amazing variety of settings and functions. This also includes a calendar with display of the calendar week. Practical: the minute accurate scheduling, with belonging to the miss of online auctions of the past. In Windows XP Desktop requires Reminder the Microsoft .NET Framework.