Doodle Jump Cheats & Tips for outfit and high score

Doodle Jump Cheats & Tips for outfit and high score

With Doodle Jump developer Lima Sky is a real hit succeeded – and still beats the mobile game all records. one or the other users is that there happy times with Doodle Jump Cheats would cheat at the top of the high score list is obvious. But that does not so simple. Instead, there are a few helpful tricks – and even a few legal cheats that stuck the little pachyderm and its surroundings in new robes.

In no time, the Game App became a cult game that is difficult to expel from the top lists of the download charts. Initially the game was available as iOS version. Now you can also download Doodle Jump for Android. As with most jumper Games, the app brings a simple game principle with relatively simple holding graphic on the smartphone. Nevertheless, the game is far from easy.

Doodle Jump CheatsYou want Doodle Jump Cheats? maybe not the way you imagine it to you – there is. (Picture: Editorial / Screenshot)

Doodle Jump Cheats spice up look on

Who wants to climb with his little trunk male high scores, requires two things: skill and patience. Hopes that have been placed for this goal in relevant Doodle Jump Cheats must be disappointed at this point. Cheats you can certainly download, but the one that destroys the fun and behind on the other infected usually malware that taps your data and can even shoot your mobile phone. So WE strongly advise against.

While there are actually a few legitimate, even in the app built-in cheat codes for the small Doodler, but not help them cheating. Said cheats can only help to change his look. While that is fun and adds variety – but not help in winning. There is also still a catch: The cheats work on the iPhone – but not on all Android devices. Here you have to just try which of the little trickery with you work.

Doodle Jump Cheats activationThe new skins can be entered by entering another name. (Image: Screenshot / Editorial)

Activate the cheats in Doodle Jump

To enable the new look, the user must write the name only certain terms in the high score list. The following cheat codes are available:

Doodle Jump Cheats Snow and BunnyWith SNOW BUNNY and a winter and a easter skin are ercheatbar. (Image: Screenshot / Editorial)

  • SnowWho enters this term, receives not only a Christmas outfit, but transforms the entire game in a Christmas Winter Wonder Land.
  • Bunny: As the name suggests, the small trunk-being is put in a bunny costume. In addition, spring-like colors and small eggs nests determine the image of the playing field.
  • Creeps: This Doodle Jump cheat the user turns his opponents in the monsters from the game The Creeps !.
  • OogaWho enters this term, turns back into a caveman. then coconuts, which one throws at his opponents serve as a weapon. The same effect has the remainder of the term Nooby.

Doodle Jump Cheats OogaWith OOGA and NOOBY you can turn into a caveman Your Rüsseltier. (Image: Screenshot / Editorial)

  • BooWith Boo the little creature to a ghost is. In addition, the rest of the game is shrouded in a deep black.

Whether the Doodle Jump Cheats work depends on the device and version of the game. Under certain circumstances, some can not be more active.

Tricks and tips for Doodle Jump

Nevertheless, there are some tricks that you certainly come on quite legal and the game more in the height impulsive way very far up in the high score list. And we have put together for you:

  1. Who seriously controls the top of the leaderboard, should withdraw in a peaceful environment while playing. The best thing to avoid distractions from the outside and over the phone, press the play with both hands and regularly recharge forces and concentration by pauses.

  2. Benefits received by the gamers due to the many power-ups that an ever run into. Who diligently collected here may temporarily gain extra skills. Propeller or trampolines help to skip multiple platforms at once. In addition, the power-ups bring points. Lethal jumps for missiles and Co. had better refrain from it, however.

  3. Not only by Doodle Jump Cheats, but also the further you get, the more worlds you must cross with his trunk-being. Each world has different platforms with different properties. Since it may be helpful to know which platform as responding:

  • Blue: You move left and right
  • Green: No special features remain in place
  • White: Just a few seconds existent, then simply disappears
  • Flashing Green: The position change by touching
  • Brownish: Did you touch it, it disappears
  • Yellow Red: highly explosive
  • White alternatively: Some white platforms disappear when top jumping, but after a new the new position appears