WhatsApp Sniffer & Co: What can the spy tools?

WhatsApp Sniffer & Co: What can the spy tools?

Spy software like WhatsApp Sniffer or MSPY promise the tracking and monitors from other smartphones remotely. What can the tool and may you actually read foreign news?

After downloading the latest version of WhatsApp for Android or iOS, the transmission of messages through an end-to-end encryption is protected. Nevertheless, promise a number of providers of sniffer software access to the messages stranger, the location of the GPS position, an analysis of calls and much more.

With WhatsApp Sniffer to foreign mobile data?

In fact, it will probably be some WhatsApp sniffer that work (we did not found a single tool that can still spy on mobile phones since the introduction of end-to-end encryption). Once installed, the software promises access to virtually all information of the smartphone. However, there is an important caveat: In order to monitor a cell phone, the software must first come to the device. So if you want access to a foreign phone, it must first of all be getting their hands. Therefore, the various providers advertise especially with the monitoring of employees or minor children. In addition, some produced at costs, you want to inserting such software. Up to 80 euros per month, providers can pay for their software. And there’s a third hook:

WhatsApp SnifferSo WhatsApp Sniffer is supposed to work.

Is it legal to read foreign news?

Not only do these tools do not deliver what they promise, it is also illegal to read foreign news. Those who use WhatsApp Sniffer violates the Telecommunications Act – even as an employer wants to control his staff of “only”. Although here too the saying applies: “Where no plaintiff, because no judge” if, however, a place, the snooping can lead to severe penalties. Therefore: Stay away from such tools that allow the illegal eavesdropping of messages and reading various telephone data.

virus & Co. when downloading free versions

In the Play Store or iTunes regularly appear free versions of WhatsApp sniffer. Most of these remain only a few days online and are then removed from the stores. At best, users are bombarded after downloading of such apps with advertising, at worst they get damaged goods onto the smartphone. In addition to Trojans and viruses wait expensive subscription traps on the users. So it is from every imaginable angle strongly discouraged the use of such software and tools.

How can you protect yourself against unauthorized access?

First, you should always install the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone. Another security risk is the use of unsecured wireless connections. Did they give his cell phone out of his hand, it is also possible to read along messages via WhatsApp Web. This fear, however, you can create fast from the world, because you can log off in the settings of the Messengers, under the item WhatsApp Web with a single click from any device.