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Google Chrome

The download of Google Chrome brings a lot of additional features chic next to a surfboard with fast page loading and high crash safety. Besides extensions, the counterpart to the known from Firefox add-ons are apps for the Windows desktop, Search by voice, synchronization, automatic translation of web pages via Google Translate and much more on the menu of very young browser.

Google Chrome download and installation

When the Google browser in 2008 for the first time found the way to the web, he was still really slim. He now calls while downloading scarce 40MB, but this functional also reflected significantly. At the Google Chrome Download is set before the installation whether the chrome Turbo surfboard to be anchored as the default browser on the system. After installation, the user will have no trouble finding your way around, because the operability offers Clarity and simplicity. All important functions are thus found with intuitive design immediately.

Google Chrome Download

Chrome is a popular browser with young history

Compared to other browsers and their accessories, which are available for free download, Google Chrome looks back on a very recent history. In early September 2008, the first version for Windows, but outgrew in December its beta phase and the addition of “Version 1.0” was published. The main features were already included in the first edition of the browser to ensure a stable surfing. However, the browser was initially stocked relatively modest. With each new version now new features and ongoing improvements were added. Among others, the JavaScript support has been optimized, added a version for Linux and Mac OS X, attached a full-screen function and HTML5 video support. Since the 6th version of Google releases new major versions in constant seven-week frequency. Before the actual publication of this major release beta versions are advanced first that can be checked thoroughly by curious and joyful test users. Vulnerabilities or bugs found can be transferred to Google and resolved before the release. Already in 2012, so only four years after first publication, the number of Google Chrome downloads could already compete with the global players Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Web browser impresses with extremely fast loading times

Who Google Chrome downloads for free will notice when you first start one thing immediately: The Web browser is incredibly fast, so that surfing a real surfing is. Responsible for the speed is the underlying JavaScript engine that has been completely developed by Google programmers. This works faster than other browsers generally. According Browser Benchmark Peacekeeper, which is used for comparison of browser performance, Chrome since version 15 next Opera always on the front line. The test could twice as fast loading times as in Webfuchs determine. IE, for example, needs nine times as long to display a Web page correctly. The new engine that underlies the browser from Google, also supports standard technologies such as Flash and HTML5. Another part of the technology is the Precaching function. This predicts that site will probably clicked first and then loads the appropriate site in the buffer. Clicking on the link will constructed quickly.

Download Google Chrome brings reliable security mechanisms

When it comes to security Google’s Web browser pursued an original concept. To ensure that malicious code can not access from the browser to the system, Google donated each tab a protected environment, called a sandbox. This means, all tabs are treated separately in running processes. This ensures that tabs do not adversely affect each other. And by the way, this technique ensures that a crinkled Tab does not allow freezing the entire browser.

Google Chrome Download Security

one with the Google Chrome download comes Another protective mechanism on the computer: The Phishing filter. This will ensure that pages that contain malicious software or try to swindle private information are recognized. In addition, Google is in possession of a “Black” and “white” Program List, divides the software in both serious and dangerous downloads. With each download, will be decided on the basis of these lists whether it is risky or not. But that’s not enough. The browser is also able to protect themselves against malware and Co.. The unit responsible mechanism prevents any toolbars, browser add-ons or the like are installed unnoticed in installations. The user is asked in these cases always explicitly for permission. The same applies to the home page of the browser. Transformations can not be performed without the consent of the user. Also the download of Chrome allows you to surf in secret. opening the Incognito mode, none of the visited web pages in the browser history is recorded. Also, passwords and form data is not stored. Another advantage is that security mode when you share the computer regularly with other colleagues or have to look at a public PC, such as at an Internet cafe some times.

Web browser with numerous additional functions

The download of Google Chrome has, as already mentioned, a lot to offer under the hood. But immediately apparent even for users located on the surface switches and controls provide plenty of room for adjustments. Given the large number of functions and settings, Google needs of the user forward. Say, the user should be able to work quickly and easily with Chrome. And that he can. First, the browser after installation welcomes users to the home page. Here are besides the obligatory Google search box Links to the last visited websites ready. Which of course are empty once but automatically fill up after each visit – if not surfed in incognito mode. The web pages are graphically displayed as thumbnails. Those who want to can also choose favorites here.

Google Chrome Download Home

Also, Chrome uses tabbed browsing. Users can add as many tabs (tabs) open while surfing and always keep to the big picture. Who wants to turn a tab into a separate window, this may drag on & accomplish drop in no time. All favorite Web sites or pages that you want to remember can be bookmarked. With the Bookmark Manager can also create folders Import bookmarks and easily manage. The standard features, the Google Chrome download comes with a host of advanced features. Who, for example, surfs on foreign websites may be pleased with the integrated, automatic translation. When searching via Google is a voice input available that eliminates the typing search queries. Very convenient: Who does not know this situation is that when browsing with many tabs suddenly from somewhere comes a sound. The annoying search for the culprit is now a thing of the past, because Chrome provides additional display. Thus, it is immediately evident to the user that accesses the tabs on sound card, webcam or Chromecast. In this way, annoying promotional videos can be identified quickly and without a long search. As was to be expected from Google, the maker of course also simplifies the search in its own search engine. So no longer does in Chrome only the search box, the search function, but also the address bar. Say, the user can start in one of two ways his search now: Over the address bar AND the search field. As you type, the browser also constantly demonstrated by updating proposals for the search. But not only the so-called “omnibox” nor guaranteed nimble googling, and the voice input service Google Now to help. So who is too lazy to type, just talking to Google to get to your destination.

Thanks to sync Chrome settings on each device available

Whoever would like to have available their individual settings in the browser, no matter which PC or device he surfs – no problem. Thanks to Google Sync, which automatically adjusts all settings, bookmarks and Co. from anywhere can be retrieved. Users who have a Google mail account benefit twice. So be accepted for registration by your own account not only default settings, but all other configurations. Individual themes, the personalized home page, zoom, and language settings are due to application with the mail account accessible from anywhere. By the way: Even for users with multiple Google accounts (for example, personal and business), Google offers a very convenient way of surfing. Around with different Google Accounts simultaneously surfing, simply different identities are accepted.

Download Google Chrome Sync settings

Expandable with Extensions and Apps

Typically there are extensions available for the browser on the Chrome Web Store and will be picked up for the installation. However, one can save on the hard drive also with the Chrome Extension Downloader. Some are not offered through the store, but you can also incorporate these addons without Chrome Web Store in the browser. An extended version of the extensions are Chrome apps. Google brings this variant a number of mini programs with significantly enhanced functionality in full screen mode without a browser window on the traditional Windows desktop. Details on Google Chrome Apps are here. Great additional feature: Google allows to stream all content of the browser on their television. For this, the adapter Chromecast was developed. He not only supports desktop browser, but also mobile apps. Streaming, so transferring audio and video is carried over WLAN.

Privacy and data traffic reduction in limited-traffic

Users with limited traffic as well as friends of the extensive privacy should and can disable various functions. Because unnecessary data traffic is like the default settings come along with the Google Chrome download partly generated. Secondly, Google will receive information about the user with almost any input. Who wants to change that takes place in the settings under the heading Privacy different ways to protect his privacy in addition:

  • Network actions foreseen to improve page load performance: Deactivation of the pre-rendering feature: Disadvantage: Possibly slower page loading. Advantage: Less traffic through attributable preloading of websites.
  • Service to help complete searches and URLs use: When disabled, each entry is not transmitted to Google’s servers. Advantage: Less data traffic. Disadvantage: The user does not receive any suggestions as you type.
  • Navigation error Use a web service fix: you made a mistake you can go surfing, Chrome corrected to request the web address automatically.
  • Usage statistics and crash reports Automatically send Google: This point activates the complete data transfer mode. Here like everything is so well transferred to Google: When to visit that page, where you hinklickt how often and how long you on which side of surfing. Privacy advocates advise presumably to disable this option.

Download Google Chrome with professional features

About the aforementioned functionality, the Web browser offers several features that will surely not come every day to use for some users may never. Should it, for example, happen that the browser is running slower than normal, there is a way to investigate. The Chrome Task Manager, accessible via the keyboard shortcut Shift + Escape, the browser displays individually, which process requires much power. the browser is running so actually sometimes not satisfactory, you can find the culprit here. If that’s not enough, you will find in the task manager button at the bottom left one stats for nerds with details of the current memory usage and reservation.

Download Google Chrome Task Manager

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