The JD help in simplifying and accelerating downloads that have been deposited in so-called one-click-hosters. While services are as MediaFire, RapidShare and similar popular for free redistribute large files, but often have annoying limitations.

JDownloader Download bypasses nerve factors in one-click hosters

Depending on the service, also known as Sharehoster, this may be about slow download rates be for non-payers. Also ever longer waiting times, if you want to download multiple files from the same computer, are common. Who wants to handle this kind stumbling blocks, which is the JDownloader download warmly recommended. If you want to look for alternatives that finds numerous other Download Manager to download our software offering.

jdownloader download

Avoids waiting times for one-click hosters

Alone the function, the computer via Reconnect a new IP address assign, makes the download of JDownloader recommended. You have to insert namely a waiting interval between two downloads of the same hoster, which is on the identification of your own computer by the server by IP. To get around this, the free downloader connects the PC ado new to the Internet and even the cheerful Herunterladerei can go on.

Fills Captcha-out from the Downloads

Here, the JDownloader but does not make halt. Often switch operator of the one-click hosting a Captcha query before the download starts. This distorted depicted strings will make it difficult for so-called bots, to get at the files, but also raise human users sometimes annoying spanners in the works. Depending Knackigkeitsgrad the spelling are in fact so difficult to read that it takes several attempts to make them typing errors. This chore takes JDownloader its users from kindly.

Loads and unpack RAR archives

Another specific phenomenon related to the mentioned hosting services that often especially very large files as multiple archives available. These are deposited in the RAR format, unzipped the JDownloader download this set to automatically download after completion, with password protected data packets not pose a big problem. Similarly, the download manager moves the way with HJSplit archives, which also are abundant on the servers of one-click hosters. Be extremely helpful also proves the automatic transfer of copied web addresses from the Windows clipboard. In combination with the Batch Downloader is filled so the list of downloads JDownloader on in a very short time. By clicking the sucker then executes a file after another.

Remembers login information for premium accounts

However useful makes the JDownloader not only for free users of hosting services. Who calls a paid premium account his own, deposited in built-in password manager his access and saves henceforth to log in to the relevant websites. Herein, the list of supported services several dozen vendors from around the world, which can be extended manually.

YouTube Downloader integrated with

Conveniently, is the free download of JDownloader not only for one-click hosters, but draws video from YouTube and similar clip platforms from the network to the local hard disk. In this case the teat automatically detects if multiple versions of a film are available in different qualities and leaves the choice of the download to the user. Still under construction are extensions that integrate JD in the browser. Firefox users is the option open to integrate the addon FlashGot with comparable features in the course of the installation, and for Google Chrome Extensions exist third party. Unfortunately, users of other surfboards have yet to be patient.

Plugins extend the download manager in addition

Finally, you do not even have to be content with the already wide range of features that come from the factory with the JD to the computer. Various plugins extend the Java-based freeware for example, Scheduler, Web interface or remote control. And if the standard optics not like can this with one of the Skins numerous contained polish.

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