New generation of PowerRoute travel planner

Software vendors G Data has published its route planning software in the new version of 2007. Both the version for Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as the European edition is available for 19.99 Euro.

PowerRoute 2007 PowerRoute Europe 2007 help with the software-based tour and travel arrangements. In addition to detailed maps both directions waiting with many additional functions - such as calculating the distance with the lowest fuel consumption, information about hotels or planning tours by entering intermediate destinations. Using Smart Search, it is also possible to include in addition to roads and cities, hotels, attractions and restaurants in the search. Per export function calculated routes and maps can also be transmitted for mobile use on handhelds (Palm OS and Pocket PC). Both PowerRoute versions support the entry and conversion of GPS coordination. With an installed GPS receiver in addition, the current location is displayed dynamically in the map section.

PowerRoute 2007 navigated through the streets and cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The map includes the entire current road network in city resolution. In addition to the route calculation of the route planner now includes detailed information on all 45 sites of world cultural heritage along with opening times, prices and historical data. Information is also available on Alpine passes, 260.000 "Points of Interest" or 2,100 biodiesel and natural gas filling stations.

Traveling in Europe

next to the city exact Germany area PowerRoute 2007 Europe provides a routing in 50 European countries and 500,000 European cities. Just as PowerRoute 2007, the professional route planner with value-added information awaits. Additionally included is information on European ferry services, car rentals or mountain passes. In the domestic leisure and travel planning information to 600,000 can "Points of Interest"7000 campgrounds and 30,000 hotels to be used for the travel preparations.