Listen to audio books – The audio player with something extra

Listen to audio books - The audio player with something extraWith Engelszünglein: Angel's Vox brings a tuned specifically for Audiobooks Player on the PC. The scores especially if one time does not have time.

Play from a playlist

At first glance, only an audio player with strange-arranged surface reveals Angel's Vox only at second glance, what is in it. Apart from playing audio files of various popular formats from a playlist of the little one understands with Audiobook playlists in abook format.

adjust speed and pitch

one has even no time or the speaker of the audio book just too slow for their own taste, so just makes you him with the slider legs. either the speed or pitch, or even both at once is adapted here. A built-in sleep timer makes Angel's Vox also for a peaceful sleep.

Enable free full version:

Note: This free full version will be activated automatically during installation. For this purpose an existing Internet connection is required. In addition, the setup offers to install a program called Software Informer. This tool is not required for the function of the full version. Some virus scanners Software Informer can lead to so-called heuristic hits.