With the Screwtool download users get a very specific tool for calculating bolted joints. As the program makes the bolt calculation according to VDI 2230, the tool for all projects in the automotive industry and mechanical engineering can be used. In addition, the tool also acts as an expert system, the expertise is available, which goes far beyond the required standards.

Screwtool download to make work easier for screw calculations

Bolted connections are, in particular in the field of mechanical engineering and the automotive industry are used. Designers and engineers need to bring in the calculation of such compounds knowledge of all influences and forces, which are exposed to the screw connections. the nationally and internationally recognized guideline VDI is used at this point 2230 Part 1 “Systematic calculation of high duty bolted joints – cylindrical bolt”. Also, the present download Screwtool makes this policy advantage. Designers and design engineers with the program for a competent partner for the calculation of complex compounds. Thus, the software performs iterative calculations are determined in both size and length of the screws. Screwtool provides therefore not only for correct calculations, guaranteeing process safety, it added bonus of saving time and labor costs.

Screwtool download

System construction & Craft software

Because the file is only 5 MB, the download Screwtool walks briskly from equip. The program can on the Windows operating system generations XP (assuming SP3 is available), Vista and Windows 7 installed. In the last two versions of both the 32bit and the 64-bit version is supported. Further requirements do not exist, except that the user should bring relevant expertise to the screw calculation.

Screwtool calculated complex screw connections

As you would expect of good construction software and useful crafts programs, the operation is also very simple – if the user is thematically savvy. The surface is due to their yellow color initially some getting used to, but you find your way around quickly. In support for the calculations of Schraubprofi entails a corresponding wizard. Thus, the user is gripped at both transverse force-loaded and axially and eccentrically loaded more screw connections under the arms.

Screwtool Download eccentrically

The program also relates all assembly methods in these areas of essential importance with a: The consideration of torque, angle of rotation, yield point and controlled hydraulic assembly is therefore possible. In addition, various cases can be considered. On the one rotation angle can be in the angle assembly and calculate the other spring-back losses in hydraulic assembly. In addition, all standards have been integrated into Screwtool. The program has more than 6 norms mother, seven washers and screws 20 standards on board. The wizard also allows the integration of set screws or pins in the bolted joint.

Screwtool Download fitting bolts

Calculation of bolted joints: safe and fast The Schraubprofi brings everything users need to calculate complex screw connections. In addition to the assistants and a number of features that assist in the calculation, the program provides additional knowledge. The results can also export to a spreadsheet program.

Limitations of Screwtool

In the trial print and save function is disabled.