In league manager XXL the name is definitely in the 2013/14 season program. The freeware provides friends of football a variety of functions around the football league based on Excel to choose from. So the worksheets offer besides the mere detection of the game results and tables that make the heart beat every statistic freaks higher. Here we find, for example, a cross table, showing the player as which club has played against which opponents. In addition, the panel of the league after home and away record can be evaluated separately. In addition, we follow by using the league manager XXL the seasonality of the individual clubs from matchday to matchday. Those who do not want to wait until the end of the season, which can tap through the entire season, to determine its favorites for the title or the international launch sites. Leaguemanager XXL is complemented by an administrative Tips rounds. For the impressive features of the free worksheets, it is necessary to activate the Excel macros. Versions of these freeware for the second and third division can also be found in the download area.