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With free DataSync Outlook Deutsche Telekom customers worldwide have anytime access to their contacts. The freeware like contact data from Microsoft's mail program with the T-Online address book from. The data from Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002 and 2003 and Outlook Express can be synchronized with the freeware quickly and smoothly with the T-Online address book over the Internet.

synchronize reliably with DataSync Outlook contact

The German Internet providers are using the DataSync Outlook users download a free program to the hand, to synchronize the own contact from Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express with the T-Online address on the Internet. In order to the users are the Outlook contacts from the address book of the mail center at any time and can be transferred to mobile phones with DataSync Handy. Besides contact information and dates can be Syndicate.

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automatically synchronize address book and calendar with DataSync Outlook

The operation of the freeware turns out to be fairly straightforward. After this DataSync Outlook Download and the installation are the user on the home screen his personal login information at T-Online, that his email address and password. On request, it can save the login information in the program to be asked for this every time again. In addition, you can choose whether the balance a secure connection over SSL is to be used. In the settings, the user also determines which data to be synchronized.

Intervals over time are adjustable

synchronization with Microsoft Outlook can now begin. Optionally, can be Syndicate address book and calendar automatically or manually. The time intervals an automatic synchronization, the user can determine it either in a days, hours or minutes.

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Contacts always and everywhere at the same level

With T-Online DataSync Outlook Internet Telekom customers keep their contacts between Outlook and the T-Online address book always and everywhere at the same level. The tool can be launched directly from the Windows Mail program. However, the now somewhat somewhat outdated software is not available Compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista. Users of Windows 7 and 8 must thus fit. Other e-mail tools are available for free download in our software catalog. synchronize Outlook Contact DataSync Outlook synchronizes contact information from Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail or Outlook Express with the online address of T-Online on the Internet. The Synchronization between Microsoft's email client with the T-Online address book runs without problems. T-Online customers have so using the address book of the mail center at any time access to their own Outlook contacts. These are transferable with DataSync Handy on mobile phones.