What to do: Firefox keeps crashing

A very common problem in Mozilla is not available in the following: Firefox keeps crashing. What good about it and what you can do, you can learn here! Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser and one of the three most widely used Web browsers worldwide. Those who do not surf with him through the Internet, can Mozilla Firefox free here [download] (/ download manager /). Numerous add-ons and plug-ins, the browser can be customized and equipped with many additional features. but after some time it may cause a problem that severely limits the surfing pleasure: Firefox keeps crashing.

Firefox keeps crashing - a problem-solving

If the announcement of problems and Firefox is no longer stable, there is often a problem with the compatibility of plug-ins or add-ons. The following steps in accordance with the requirements describes how problems with the stability of the popular browser can be solved. Mozilla crashes

Prerequisites for Troubleshooting

The following requirements must be met in order for the problems with the stability of Firefox can be fixed:

  • Mozilla Firefox has been successfully installed
  • an intact Internet connection
  • the user has the access rights or administrator privileges

So one fixes stability issues - Firefox constantly crashes off of Mozilla

Firefox keeps crashing? So can I fix the problem: Step 1First, the update will be performed by the operating system of Firefox, by using plugins and should. The overview of the plugins can under menu (button with three strokes above right) -> Add-ons -> Plugins are invoked. There is need for updating, a message appears at the corresponding plugin. In addition, a non-current version of the video driver or Internet security programs could cause the crash. step 2: If the problem still, should be performed a virus scan and the system checked for spyware. step 3: If the virus scan run befundlos, it is recommended to run Firefox in Safe Mode. Safe mode is called as follows: Menu (three-strichiger button at the top right) -> (Help) -> "restart with add-ons disabled", Runs Firefox now stable, the problem is with an installed extension, or theme. To determine the source of error, the add-ons is recommended to turn off one by one. It can be determined which add-on causes the crash. step 4: Crashes the browser from Also in safe mode, there is a more profound problem. Here are a computer expert to be drawn for advice.