see ultra-sharp titles in Ultra HD 4K streaming

see ultra-sharp titles in Ultra HD 4K streaming

4K streaming desired? out here where there are sharp films and the best high-definition series and the conditions that must be met in order to get into the UHD enjoyment!

The content produced for UHD assume steadily. So there is, for example, after downloading the Netflix app Windows 10 and the corresponding subscription and the appropriate Internet speed numerous films and series in HD, which can be viewed on a to-capable computer. And the competition does not splash out: Both Sky and Amazon Prime and max cathedrals lure now with titles in 4K. Free content in crisp images, there are now even on YouTube. The format is thus composed by slowly but surely.

The conditions for 4K streaming

First, the facts: 4K is only one of two UHD formats and the first stage of Ultra HD – so to speak UHD first Sooner or later, but this format is being replaced, from 8K (UHD 2). The resolution is 3840 × 2160 for 4K and 7680 × 4320 pixels for 8K, which is significantly higher than in HD (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels) or SD (720 x 576 pixels). For the blatantly higher amount of data and a correspondingly fast internet connection is required: 25 Mbit per second, it should be according to Netflix, which corresponds to a 25 VDSL port. And of course you need a receiver for the 4K streaming, the UHD dominated.

Free K4 streaming on Youtube

Anyone who wants to stream for free in Ultra HD, can rely on these services to YouTube. Although the selection is still limited here, but you can see here though especially Trailer for new 4K-compatible productions, but some longer clips are available here. Including this one:

  • Biosphere Full (Director’s Extended Cut)
  • World’s Paradises
  • The Earth
  • Yellowstone National Park

So it is mainly nature shots that can be streamed free of charge and free in high quality. However, there are now also portals where the K4 Streaming is not quite as legal.

4K streamingOn YouTube there especially poor action title for the 4K streaming. (Screenshot: Editorial / YouTube.)

Watch Free Movies 4K?

Meanwhile, there are more than enough portals that offer first-run movies and series in 4K quality to the stream. Sites like Movie4k should however be treated with caution. The title provided here are protected by copyright and they provide online is a violation of the German Copyright Act. While users of these portals are not prosecuted at the moment (at least, if they just stream the series and movies, not download) as it is currently still this is a legal gray area. How long it will however still give this loophole and whether the warning wave collapses after its closure on players remains to be seen. Even more delicate is the use of portals such NIMA4K. For here the films are not offered to the stream, but download. Therefore expensive warnings are almost guaranteed.

4K streaming NIMA 4kNIMA4K is a legally questionable Poratal. It is especially dangerous for users that are not 4K streaming, but downloads the title here .." (Picture: NIMA 4K)