The Schreibtrainer - 10 finger typing carries the program function-explanatory name. With the shareware learn computer users with sophisticated and accessible exercise methods ten tap system. The Schreibtrainer - 10 finger typing supports learners with many tips and useful advice. Who attaches great importance to a comprehensive and clear analysis of the results obtained, is well advised with the typing tutor. The learning software provides a tabular and graphical assessment of learning capacity. In the full version wait 80 varied lessons on learning willing. With its various types of exercise combines the Schreibtrainer - 10 finger typing learning, fun and play in a program. A context-sensitive help system includes topics related to the ten fingers, a detailed program help and almost everything on the written correspondence.

Limitations of the Schreibtrainer - 10 finger typing

The shareware version is available for 30 days and includes the first 20 of a total of 80 lessons.