available from Friday: "The horse racing"

available from Friday: “The horse racing”

Create a separate team on, you take care of the breeding of horses, take part in races and win trophies – all this and more awaits the player in the game "The horse racing",

"The horse racing", The latest horse game from dtp, will be released on December 10 and is a great Christmas gift for young and old. The player’s task is to look after the construction of the team owner and the breeding of horses, then with his "star" participate in races and compete against the racehorses of intelligent computer opponents.

The player has the opportunity in the beautiful, detailed 3D landscape of this real-time strategy game his stables around a pasture, a barn, a riding hall, a jockey House et al to expand. but He must remember that every investment has its price. The user can participate in auctions to buy new horses or their own to sell. In addition, he can bet on a horse of his choice in order to supplement their finances.

The exciting horse race, the player can track in real time and follow the grandiose moments when his Jockeys stand on the farmed by him noble race horses on the podium. His cabinet will then fill up quickly with the trophies of the victories of his horses!