Invoice template for OpenOffice

Invoice template for OpenOffice

you want a Write bill with OpenOffice, of course you can calculate all the items previously separately and then type in the individual lines manually. Or use is made of a finished free templates for OpenOffice from the download list, which already contains the required lines, standards and functions, and by the way automatically calculates the tax. The free invoice template for OpenOffice provides just that.

Write invoice with the invoice template for OpenOffice Download

Depending on how one’s own OpenOffice installation is set up, a few extra clicks are first necessary for the execution of the invoice templates. For in the OOO-default macros from unsigned sources are first off lump sum and not demand. This can change however the menu in a few clicks: To do is to Tools -> settings -> OpenOffice -> Safety -> Macro Security setting a maximum on means such a request will henceforth always appear when macros are in a template and need to be activated if necessary. Now it goes to the one-time adjustment of master data, the company logo and the footer. In addition, the tax rate is best suited to also equal to the bottom of the template. Which is due to the age of the document that is still at 16%. Before adjusting the unlocking of the tables is necessary. This works from the Tools menu -> Protect Document -> Table with subsequent input of the password is password.

Invoice template for OpenOffice Download

If one maintains the own sender information as well as the company logo in the letter head, a, adjusts the control set and stored a standard formula below the invoice items, such as a passing or the fixing of deferred payment. In addition, a footer should be inserted with the statutory standard specifications. This does not work in the template unfortunately the OOO menu headers and footers, but must be done manually. After the adjustments Invoice template for OpenOffice Download all are done, it is advisable to protect the changed fields again with the same password and save the document as a spreadsheet template. In this way, the template is completely personalized, but protected against future failures clicks. Using the same password is apparently necessary for the correct execution of macros.

create invoices with a few clicks

Now you can start with the accounting. The current date automatically inserts the OOO original so addressee, invoice items and prices are entered. By Tab key, the cursor automatically moves exclusively between fields that require input. If another invoice line required to add them via the corresponding button billing insert row one at the top of the screen. All positions are automatically added. Is a tax rate deposited, the gross prices are to be entered, the tax amount is automatically calculated and shown separately in the sum. Unfortunately, a calculation of tax and net price of the individual items does not take place, even a consecutive invoice number is not assigned.

Invoice template for OpenOffice download page preview

Useful template small Hindernisparkur The invoice template for OpenOffice download is quite helpful and scores primarily with the fact that the relevant fields have already been created. In addition, the print preview after entering the data and the print button with the automatic printing of original and copy are quite practical. There are, however, beginning relatively many adjustments to make, so that the form actually saves only the application of a basic structure and the summation of the individual items. If that’s enough, you will find in the Calc template is a good help to the invoice Write with OpenOffice.