PayPal costs for buyers and sellers at a glance

Users pay with their virtual account, no need to PayPal costs fear. Affected are more sellers and payee. Here you can get a list of all costs!

Users can set up a personal or company account and manage this download also convenient app via PayPal at PayPal. the cost associated with the use of the service is also dependent on the type of account. But other factors also play a role!

PayPal costs: where no charges are incurred

PayPal is making a transparent policy and does not believe the landmarks when it comes to fees. Does the service, too - after all, mobile payment is a very sensitive issue. Sun is clearly identified when and where costs for the user arise. In following things no PayPal costs come to the user to:

  • (1) The creation of a PayPal account is generally free. In addition, PayPal omitting other set-up or subscription charges.
  • (2) Paying with PayPal is free to the user. However, this requires that the remittances made in euro. Will be paid in another currency, incurred fees.
  • (3) The user can send to relatives and friends free of charge money. This applies if the user uses his deposit bank account or existing PayPal balance. However, costs are incurred, if you want to use a credit card or money will send in other currencies or abroad.

PayPal costs

Costs incurred on the sale in PayPal

If you shop with PayPal articles, order food or handles other issues with it, paying a single cent. However, falling for those PayPal costs receiving payments. So that usually affects retailers and business customers of PayPal. Which charges the user must then calculate:

receive money: If a payment is received, PayPal charges a fee of 1.9% + 0.35 euros. The same value also comes to payments in Swedish krona. These fees will apply if amounts from Germany, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the EU are received. Worldwide payments have other conditions.

dealer registrationThe online payment service provides sellers certain dealer conditions in prospect. These are individually reviewed and approved. However, basic conditions are a correspondingly high volume of sales and a PayPal-life of at least 90 days. An additional decisive factor, the basket size, the goods must comply with the terms and conditions and the accounting should be in good standing. If these conditions are met and the application is submitted to us and that the seller can, for example, receive the following conditions:

  • 1.7% + 0.35 € (5,001 to 25,000 €)
  • 1.5% + 0.35 € (25,000 €)

PayPal PLUS conditions: PayPal PLUS is a special service for distributors that includes a variety of payment methods. It also provides special conditions for the benefit of the user, these fees are expected to apply from January 2016:

  • 2.49% + 0.35 euros (less than 5,000 euros)
  • 2.09% + 0.35 euros (5,001 to 25,000 euros)
  • 1.79% + 0.35 euros (about 25,000 Euros)

micropayments: This particular type of payments can be applied, so that a change of charges takes place. It then applies: 10% + 0.10 euros.

to collect donationsFor collecting donations of services rises again separate charges: 1.5% + 0.35 euros.

Separate processing fees

Besides the above PayPal fees for sellers, it can also lead to processing fees might. In the following cases can be expected costs with PayPal:

  • When a chargeback has to be done, there is a one-time amount due of 16 euros. Unless the payment is covered by selling protection.
  • If there is a failed direct debit from PayPal account to the bank account to which the user is responsible, fees are also due. PayPal charges 3 euros for this.
  • If the user has to answer for charge backs by direct debit, PayPal also raised costs for processing. There is a fee of 5 euros.

PayPal Returns Help CenterFor further questions about the cost of accepting the Help Center of the service with many useful answers is available.