Of the BKdesktop download used to calculate the anchoring and overlapping lengths of ribs steels according to Euro Code 2 DIN EN 1992-1-1 with National annex for Germany.

BKdesktop download as a free computer for reinforced concrete construction

BKdesktop was previously "BewKonst", The acronym stands for "Reinforcement for designers / interior", Accordingly, the freeware both anchoring and overlapping lengths for reinforced concrete construction determined. The free computer performs this task in accordance with the current DIN standard. From a drop-down menu, select users from different materials and diameters of the steel rods used. In addition, dividing the portable usable freeware with the so-called shock mode, the related parties and other relevant data. These include, for example, the distance between the rods. BewKonst determined in addition to the above-mentioned values, the durability of the reinforcement in the use of rebar.

BKdesktop download