Of the VirtualDub download provides users with a free video editing software. In some disciplines, the freeware does not have to hide behind expensive Premiere Pro competitors like Adobe. If a TV or video card with TV-in is installed in the computer, the video tool also accepts films.

Movies exactly overlap with the VirtualDub Download

With VirtualDub not only frame accurate cutting is possible. Extensive professional features help users when editing the video and audio parameters. Audio and video can be the way to edit and synchronize separately if necessary. Plugins for subsequent sharpening the videos or to insert subtitles are already on board.

VirtualDub download

If the functionality is not enough time, can be VirtualDub but also expand with plugins from other manufacturers. These common standards are supported, so most video plug-ins function smoothly. VirtualDub draws on all installed Windows video and audio codecs and can handle so theoretically with every imaginable format.

In conjunction with codec packs (click!) To be any type of video can practically encode. The download area is also the link to the 64-bit version is in addition to the standard version. For the small video encoding on the go, there are freeware also portable for the USB flash drive. Numerous other video editors to free download are included in our extensive software catalog.