Six! app

With the Six! app brings Gram Games the next minimalist puzzle app on the market that attracts users to the smartphone. After the success Merged! and 1010! this time it will shaky.

Patience and tactics are in a Six! App asked

What looks at first glance like the thousandth version of the cult game Tetris, is much more than we suspect. Also, if the Six! App has the potential to be a similar success as the Russian mother of all mini games. The aim is to gradually remove the modules, while maintaining a small hexagon before the crash. This is when the game starts peacefully on the top of the tower, but begins to move as soon as the first stones are removed. Then it is either: persevere patiently until the geometric structure has caught again, or quickly respond, so the hexagon does not fall into the abyss. What sounds so simple, is the passage of time a challenge for reaction, strategy and patience. A combination that can next to the modern graphics long time to immerse players.

Six! appThe Six! App is the perfect digital snack!

Many levels and daily challenges

Currently offers the Six! App offers 99 levels each day with new challenges. A total of three daily challenges can be completed and bring further variety to the rather simple - albeit brilliant - concept of games. In addition, a good placement attracted to the high score list. The integrated share feature also allows the direct comparison with their own friends or publication of personal best. Depending on the skill takes one round only a few seconds or a few minutes, causing the app is perfect in between as a stopgap or a brief distraction.

No in-app purchases, for commercials

It is worth mentioning that the developers abandon the generally applicable in-app purchases. Who wants to lead the high score list, so it can not buy yourself a top place. There are advertisements that are visible during the game at the top of the display. Who cares, has the opportunity for nearly four euros to buy an ad-free version of the game - a perfectly fair financing and pricing model.