Bargain hunters and gaming professionals obtained with the free rublys app a digital scratch card box. The app provides prospects for profits and vouchers that can be easily redeemed through the app.

rublys app brings scratchcards on smartphone

Many users dream to win finally the lottery - or at least clear away in a raffle a great rate. Maybe come home with rublys. While the app is not always absolutely world travel and luxury cars in prospect - but smart phones, flat screen TVs and burgers're actually not that bad. The creators of the app, by the way an Austrian company, advertise with the slogan: "collect nuts, scratch off free tickets and get great prices." The latter is of course a matter of luck, but the rest is just that simple. After downloading the rublys Android application, register and you can already losrubbeln diligently.

rublys app

Note: Remember when registering, fortunately unfounded. As has been shown previously, the user data will not be disclosed.

rublys Android: Vouchers and profitability opportunities for diverse products

In the scratch card app the user scratch cards of different brands and products are provided to choose from. For example, you can choose between online lots and lots that can be redeemed at the close, select. If you have decided that three lots have to be scratched. Behind every lot the same picture, you have won. The won prizes can be redeemed easily using the rublys app. Of course, the app away any things not easy - the makers can be canvassed and advertising of brands and products pay well. For all so a win.

rublys profits app

The hunt for nuts à la Scrat

To as many lots scratch off, users must gather nuts in the first place. This they get on very different ways. Here are some actions where the user will be credited nuts:

  • 25 nuts for registration
  • 10 nuts for evaluation in Store
  • 40 nuts for inviting friends (can be used any number of times)
  • During the daily opening the app
  • Sometimes Gibt's nuts with rivets
  • Specific actions and tasks

Additional functions of the sweepstakes app

is a nice idea that the user gains that he did not need, can give away to friends. In addition, you can remind yourself of rublys before, for example, a won voucher expires.