Of the Adblock Plus Download extends the browser Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari to an effective ad blocker. The freeware blocks, and removes advertising graphics, inline frames, Java applets, Flash advertising, and text-only advertising automatically while loading the page. Especially for Internet users with slow connections, this extension is because it helps save valuable bandwidth.

Adblock Plus Download as protection against malware and tracking

Adblock Plus not only blocks annoying advertising, but can also be used for the protection of tracking and malware. According to the manufacturer is the Adblock Plus download with more than 50 million users around the world most widely used browser extension. On request, the freeware downloads a current blacklist of advertising URLs that contains known advertising addresses. On its own Adblock Plus blocks initially nothing. To hide annoying ads, it requires the user's instruction when the freeware to intervene.

Adblock Plus Download

Select block lists or create your own lists

This is done most conveniently via list filters. They prescribe exactly what should be blocked. By default, video advertising on YouTube, Facebook ads, flashy banners, pop-ups and much more easily hidden. Two filter lists are first activated as the default, a rating based on the particular language selected block list and the List except filters. Each time the user can disable this, more add or create your own lists.

Adblock Plus Download filter lists

Providers would not rule out any form of advertising

The manufacturer of Adblock Plus has indicated that he wants to protect other users from annoying advertising with the program, but not want to exclude any form of advertising. Therefore, he has developed criteria to identify acceptable, unobtrusive advertising that must not be blocked. Anyone who meets these criteria, can apply to have set their own advertising on the exception list. An entry in the whitelist is free for small websites and blogs. The user can turn off this feature at any time, thus blocking any advertising.

With the Adblock Plus filter protection anonymously out on the Web

Useful is the ability to eliminate potential tracking with the Adblock Plus Download and to prevent advertising agencies followed each step in the Internet and their own online activity are recorded. So one is anonymous with the Adblock Plus protection filter on the Web. Also in terms of Malware blocking Adblock Plus is active. The freeware can websites that spread malware blocking, thus protecting the computer from viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and adware. Another interesting feature is the removal of social media buttons. Buttons of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many others are known to almost any website. These websites can send based on your own surfing habits requests to the server of the social network.

Adblock Plus Download Options

Ad Blocking supports all major browsers

To install the plug-in, users must confirm the prompt in Firefox that Adblock Plus can be installed from our website. Google Chrome also makes such a query the user before the free extension can be installed. In the download section to find different versions for use in the following applications:

  • Browser Version 39
  • Google Chrome version 43
  • Opera version 30
  • SeaMonkey Version 2:32
  • E-mail client from version 31
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8
  • Safari version 6.0

Ingeniously simple ad blocker

Who sucks the growing Internet advertising, this can significantly reduce with ad blockers, speed up the loading of pages significantly and increase safety while surfing.