Many chatters were raised in WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat the question "What is XOXO?" We reveal what's behind the symbol and how to make it rain hearts in the Facebook app with a new XOXO Facebook feature. learn here more now!

What is XOXO and where does the abbreviation?

When communicating in WhatsApp or via the Facebook Messenger practical and funny abbreviations save a lot of typing. So some WhatsApp abbreviations have now become popular with many chat partners. DDR means, for example "You can clean", WG with no Urbanization is meant but the question "How are you?" (And with GN8"Good night"() Or BB"Bye Bye") You can adopt quickly. Also YOLO now familiar to most chatters. The abbreviation, the set is hidden "You Only Live Once. "But what does XOXO?

What is XOXOWhat is XOXO? We clarify and let fly hearts! (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Replace with XOXO virtual kisses and hugs

The peculiar symbol XOXO comes from North America and describes as "hugs and kisses" virtual kisses and hugs. The X means here "Kisses" and O "Hugs" replaced. So it is with XOXO for hugs & Kisses. Neither X nor O So first letter are the words, but only of symbolic significance. the two letters X and O can be thought of as images and recognizes with some imagination in X a pursed mouth and thus a kiss. The O the other hand, represents pictorially represents the gesture of a hug

the short version XO is often used. Who, however, a XX as a salutation in an e-mail, write SMS or chatting to dispense with the hugs and kisses sent exclusively. In this country also like HDL is used instead XOXO to "I love you" accept. Or even resorts to increase HDGDL ("I really love you!").

let the heart with XOXO fly to Facebook

Facebook users receive a special XOXO feature: you can send with the symbol XOXO a comment with animated heart through Facebook. For this, the user simply posting the letters XOXO as a comment under a post or a photo. Prompt the XOXO entry turns red and it can be seen magical flying hearts that disappear after some time. By clicking on the red highlighted text the funny XOXO animation can be called again.

XOXO heart function is not all Facebook users available

Facebook has thought at the XOXO hearts not only to the English-speaking world, but also takes into account the love greetings in other countries. So you can instead "xoxo" also the Italian word "baci" or French "bisous" use. One more note: If you are unable to make it rain with XOXO hearts, just wait a bit because the XOXO heart function are not yet ready for all Facebook users.